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I am both CIPP/E and CIPM certified, certified data protection officer (TÜV®) as well as certified data protection auditor (TÜV®).
Already during my studies with a focus on "Information and Communication" and also during my legal clerkship, I gained practical experience in law firms specializing in IT, copyright and media law and/or intellectual property law. I also worked for three months in an international business law firm in Sydney, Australia, focusing on data protection and trademark law.
To ensure that I also understand the technical background, I program in my spare time and have also acquired various certifications in the following areas, among others: artificial intelligence/machine learning, legal tech, big data, data science, blockchain (esp. smart contracts), media platform law, Data Engineering (Google Cloud), natural language processing (NLP) (more details on LinkedIn). This helps me in my daily work to develop creative and workable solutions for our clients.
In addition to advising digital business models in e-commerce, outsourcing, IT and data protection law, as well as regulated industries, I support the external data protection commission for a variety of German and international companies and successfully conduct data protection audits. 
I advise my clients in German and English.

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