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Supply Chain and Logistics

Whether manufacturing, distributing or selling goods, managing supply chains and logistics effectively can help mitigate growing regulatory risks for companies and provide significant resilience and financial reward.

We help clients optimize savings and mitigate risks throughout their supply chain by helping to navigate the maze of international trade agreements, complex customs and regulatory requirements as well as commercial negotiations that can affect modern global supply chains.

Notable deals and highlights include:

·       Advising a major UK multinational food processing, trading and retailing company on the detail of the requirements for moving goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland under the Northern Ireland Protocol and practical options for simplifying the impact on their business  as far as possible.

·       Acting as a regular source of advice for a major European manufacturer of tools and automotive parts on a wide range of supply chain issues and associated regulatory issues including, e-commerce, geoblocking, Authorised Representatives, product labelling, hazardous substances, radio equipment, REACH, General Product Safety Regulations and customs/tariffs.

·       Advising a US-based medical device manufacturer on the options for setting up warehousing and logistics operations in the EU to minimise the requirements for establishing legal entities, employing staff and managing VAT and other taxation.

·       Providing extensive advice and guidance to a UK manufacturer and trader in chemicals and construction products on UK and EU REACH (chemicals registration) requirements, EU and GB product regulations and their applicability to importers, distributors and customers, and customs, tariffs, transfer pricing and VAT issues.

·       Advising a UK importer and distributor of food, cosmetics, food supplements and medical devices on their UK/EU supply chain network for globally sourced products, including import tariffs and customs warehousing, VAT, managing trade with Northern Ireland and associated EU product regulations such as Export Health Certificates, labelling, appointing an Authorised Representative (for medical devices) and a Responsible Person (for cosmetics).

·       Advising a major multinational online marketplace on the options and requirements for customs declarations and VAT and import duty payments in GB, Northern Ireland and the EU.

·       Advising an EU manufacturer of household products on the full range of issues related to the import and distribution of their products into GB post-Brexit including negotiation of distributor agreements and advice on customs, tariffs, drop shipping, product regulations, labelling, VAT and (upcoming) plastic packaging taxation.

·       Assisting a UK trade association in providing clear, practical guidance to its members on how to manage the changes resulting from Brexit including on supply chains (tariffs, customs, product regulations, VAT, labelling), intellectual property, immigration and data protection, and advising their members individually in more detail on specific issues.

·       Advising a major US-based multinational drinks producer on supply chain management to optimise UK/EU excise duties, use of customs warehousing and obtaining temporary CN tariff classifications