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ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance

ESG is a key priority for our firm. As consumer, industry, and political priorities and challenges are evolving, we are here to support and advise our clients in this dynamic area. In the face of significant environmental, social and governance challenges ("ESG"), regulators at various levels are extensively stepping in to guide society towards a more sustainable future. Consequently, ESG has become a key factor in consumer and corporate decision-making processes. The ubiquity of ESG makes the topic indispensable on companies' priority lists.

Our ESG-related services include advice on for example:

      • Circular Economy
      • Climate Change
      • Compliance
      • ESG Disputes
      • Data Protection & Cyber Security
      • Contractual Clauses and Procurement
      • ESG Reporting
      • German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act
      • Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD)
      • Corporate Sustainability  Reporting Directive (CSRD)
      • Green Claims
      • Renewable Energy
      • Sustainable Governance
      • Finance & Green Lending
      • Sustainable Work & Benefits

      Fieldfisher ESG Report 2022

      We are committed to ecological and social corporate governance. Our ESG report gives you an overview of our activities in our European Fieldfisher offices: