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Subsidies advice

There are a large number of funding pots in Germany and the EU. Companies can take advantage of subsidies to provide financial support for various projects.

Here we are at your side with our experienced advisors.

Why should you apply for subsidies?

In the COVID-19 pandemic, government grants kept many businesses afloat or mitigated the impact of lost sales. However, government subsidies for companies are also of great importance beyond this. The European Union, the German federal government, and the German states all provide funding for a wide range of different areas and projects.

Many companies are not aware of the opportunities they are missing out on. They are not aware of the funding pots or are often hesitant to apply for funds. The application process seems too bureaucratic, the legal basis too complex. But the state depends on companies to drive the economic transformation of our society. Companies can apply for funding for innovative, sustainable projects, modern infrastructures, or collaborations with other companies, research institutions, or NGOs. Why should you miss out on this opportunity?

At Fieldfisher, we can help you apply for and use the funding because the funding experts at our firm know both the side of the state, the grantor, and the side of the applicants, companies, and universities. We know what is essential from the point of view of the grantor for an application to be successful.

After all, grants are a great opportunity! In Germany and the EU, there are a large number of funding pots. In addition, companies can take advantage of subsidies to support various projects, for example:

  • Construction of infrastructures
  • Digitalization of processes
  • Development of products
  • Modernization of buildings