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Technology Regulation

Since the 1980s, Europe has been at the forefront of privacy regulation in the world. Today, UK and EU legislators are focused on regulating a much larger and more complicated international technology sector, encompassing key areas such as digital competition, artificial intelligence, and illegal and harmful online content.

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Fieldfisher Data Breach Manager

Fieldfisher's 24/7 Data Breach Manager service helps organisations manage their data breach compliance obligations by ensuring they have greater capacity to meet the 72-hour window mandated by the relevant supervisory authorities for the initial data breach assessment and reporting to regulators.

OFCOM and European Commission Diverge on Proposed Measures to Regulate the Cloud Infrastructure Market

Our full whitepaper explores OFCOM's key findings regarding the cloud infrastructure services market, potential impacts of OFCOM's proposed interventions for your business , and how the EU Data Act could influence the transition between cloud infrastructure providers.

Horizon Scanner

Our Technology Regulation scanner provides a summary of the key legislative changes on the horizon across the EU and UK. 

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