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Product Liability

Any company on a supply chain can be found liable if a product that it has manufactured, distributed, branded, imported or otherwise supplied turns out to be defective. Product liability claims are wide and relate to any death, serious injury or damage to property caused by the defective product.

Clients need lawyers who are pro-active in product liability matters, as regulation can change at any time, potentially leaving businesses vulnerable. At Fieldfisher, we have experience in advising clients on product liability issues regardless of where they are on the supply chain and often before a product goes out to market.

Notable deals and highlights

  • We represented pharmaceuticals laboratories and manufacturers of medical devices in respect of allegations that defective medicine or medical devices posed a risk to patient safety.
  • We represented numerous manufacturers of industrial equipment in actions by end users.
  • We advised various organisations in dealing with investigations and prosecutions by regulators.
  • We acted for one of the world's largest retailers in relation to product safety issues arising in the course of its sales.
  • We advised a major European engineering business on product safety issues arising out of its construction and engineering business.
  • We defended a multinational technology company in product liability claims surrounding a defective product.
  • We completed an internal investigation for a security company and advised on product liability and other corrective measures following their product being found to be in contravention of safety regulations.  

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