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Our Sustainable Impact

ESG Report 2023

ESG is a key priority for our firm. We owe it to our clients and our people to act as a responsible business. Our annual ESG report documents our goals and achievements, holding us accountable for delivering against our ESG commitments.

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A message from our Managing Partner Robert Shooter

Our thinking on ESG has developed significantly since I became Managing Partner two years ago. Last year, I outlined some of our core ESG principles and areas of focus, and I am pleased to say we upheld and made progress against all of these in 2023.

Lawyers are uniquely placed to contribute to ESG. Law is such a powerful tool to effect change, and there is a fundamental belief in justice that underpins our approach to ESG, and many of the pro bono causes that we pursue.

But ESG at Fieldfisher is much broader than the special skills our lawyers can offer; all our staff have made a huge contribution over the last year, in talent, ideas, time and effort, and as a result of the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit I've come to recognise as defining features of our firm.

Fieldfisher ESG Report 2023

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