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Life Sciences

Fieldfisher Spain is one of the pioneers in providing legal advice to the pharmaceutical, health and cosmetics industry and has continued to work with the sector for more than 50 years.

We provide clients advice in the following areas:

Compliance and Regulations

  • Counselling on strategic decisions in the subject of financing and pricing of medicines as well as in suspension of marketing proceedings and proceedings and underfunding.
  • Assistance and negotiation with the Public Administration for the signing of ceiling agreements and other shared-risk agreements.
  • Defence of the rights of the pharmaceutical companies against the diverse measures adopted by the administrations on the subject of rational use of medicines and containing the pharmaceutical cost.
  • Creation of health collaboration projects with the Public Administrations and patient care programs.
  • Design, drafting and negotiation of research projects of public and private entities. Early access programs (off label use, compassionate use and access to foreign medication).


Design of rationalisation policies of the distribution of medicines. Implementation of pricing policies and management of situations of parallel trade. Review and intervention in proceedings related to commercial practices. Assistance to the company in meetings with third parties before official bodies. Protocols and training programs in view of inspections of national and European authorities and compliance audits.


  • Strategic consultation for the preparation and development of promotional campaigns.
  • Counselling on the management distribution and sponsorship of promotional contents, with their consequent adaptation to the Code of Good Practices of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Farmaindustria) and Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies (Fenin).
  • Implementation of internal procedures and training programs for the compliance with the codes of self-regulation of Farmaindustria and Fenin. Legal defence in deontological proceedings.