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Life Sciences

Clients in the life sciences, healthcare and veterinary market need lawyers who understand the drive for increasingly innovative and sophisticated solutions to health issues. These include re-engineering genes to eliminate genetic diseases in biotechnology, telehealth, digital and connected medical devices for monitoring solutions, personalised pharmaceutical journeys, and technologies designed to analyse research data more efficiently and effectively.

White paper – The future of medicine: Cell and gene therapy

In this paper we look at the cell and gene therapy landscape across key hotspots in Europe, examining the opportunities and challenges for those involved, particularly the regulatory and commercial law issues blocking the pathway from lab to patient. This paper also discusses how national healthcare providers across Europe are opening their eyes and pockets to the substantial cost-savings that CGT can provide and with this shift in approach, we look at what this means for the future of CGT in the UK and across the rest of Europe.

Coronavirus Life Sciences sector update


In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is looking to the life sciences and healthcare sectors to provide solutions. Whether it’s finding the vital vaccine needed to return things back to normal or the manufacturing of much-needed testing and treatment equipment, the sector is playing a vital role to help alleviate the impact on healthcare systems all over the world. There has never been a more important time for the sector to lead the way.

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