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Administrative Law

At Fieldfisher Spain, our clients receive comprehensive legal counsel from our administrative law lawyers in all areas of Public Law, at the State, regional, and local levels. In particular we specialise in granting of all kinds of concessions, licences, and authorisations, aids and subsidies, and public-sector contracts, as well as the defence against penalties, expropriations, and damages giving rise to asset liability.

We advise clients on all areas of Public Law including:

Regulated Industries

  • Providing comprehensive advisory services on operation in regulated network industries such as the power, gas, renewable energy, telecommunications, audiovisual, transport and other industries
  • Assistance in entry in an industry and adequate positioning within it
  • We can resolve conflicts connected to fulfilment of the access, interconnection, public service and other obligations of operators
  • We advise on the decisions of the Spanish National Commission for Markets and Competition and defence against disciplinary proceedings.

Subsidies and Public Aids

  • We advise on applying for European Union, State and regional subsidies and aids
  • We provide advice on the management and justification of subsidised projects
  • And counsel on procedures for the repayment of aids and subsidies and against connected penalties.

Asset Liability of the Administration

  • We process claims for asset liability derived from all kind of damages
  • And we advise and process claims against the legislating State for damages caused by the approval of regulations with the rank of Law.

Public Contracting

  • We advise on all the phases of public contracting procedures (tenders, bids, negotiation, and later execution of public contracts), with both private companies and with Public Administration entities
  • We negotiated and advise regarding on partnerships with the Administration for the implementation of any business project
  • Administrative concessions
  • We advise public entities on the drafting of Administrative Specifications and other contractual documents
  • We advise private companies on the negotiation and monitoring of their construction and engineering contracts, both as awardees and as subcontractors in infrastructure projects
  • We provide legal counsel in administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings derived from public contracting proceedings and/or the execution of public contracts.

Financing of Projects and Large Infrastructures

  • We provide support on infrastructure works and projects in the transport, energy and telecommunications industries
  • And advise on the structure of privatisation and financing models for public infrastructures and services
  • We advise on the legal aspects of PPP and PPI projects, in general, for the implementation of public infrastructures (roads, railways, ports, airports, or other services), with private-sector participation
  • We created joint ventures and other partnership agreements among private companies for infrastructure projects
  • We negotiate finance contracts for the construction of public infrastructures and equipment supply
  • And we provide legal defence in all kinds of expropriation proceedings connected to the deployment of large infrastructures.

Urban Planning and Environment 

  • We provide advisory services on procedures for the drafting of planning instruments, both land regulation and urban planning (general, special, and sectoral plans)
  • We advise on urban planning management and execution: Expropriation, compensation, and cooperation systems
  • We help clients obtain urban planning licences (urban development, construction, works) and activity licences (installation and opening licences)
  • We can defend against urban planning disciplinary proceedings (restoration of urban planning legality and penalties)
  • We advise clients on the environmental impact of projects when they start: Integrated environmental authorisation, authorisation for greenhouse gas emissions, environmental impact analysis and evaluation
  • We advise on authorisations and penalties connected to water supply, spillage, and waste
  • We advise clients in disciplinary and environmental liability proceedings
  • And we provide urban planning and environmental compliance reports.