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Birth Trauma and Baby Loss Support and Advice

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Families who have suffered birth trauma generally come to our experienced team for advice either because they have received an internal hospital investigation report that suggests the care provided by their maternity or neonatal team contributed to the loss, or because they have their own concerns about what happened.

We advise families on how they can investigate the care they received, understand what role that care played a role in injuries, and whether it was care that would be described in legal terms as substandard care that caused their injuries.

Some families also face an inquest after maternal or baby loss, for which we also offer specialist advice and representation.

We know that parents need support and information from their midwifery and obstetrics team, but when they have been through a traumatic birth, parents also need legal advice and help independently of the hospital where their treatment took place, to help navigate the systems around obtaining information about that treatment and then interpreting the reports about it.

We are objective advisors, able to stand back from events, and individual personalities involved and given unbiased independent advice.  This benefits all parties involved.  Importantly, we have time to work with experts to provide detailed explanations of what happened and why.

This stands alongside the immediate support, the kindness and the understanding offered by the team of treating midwives and neonatal nurses and clinicians.

On this page you will find information about a number of charities that provide help and assistance to families who have been through birth trauma.  No one size fits all so take time to look at them and think about who might best meet your needs.

Check our leaflets to help guide you through the process.

  • Requesting your and your baby’s medical records
    This leaflet offers advice about how to obtain medical records to help you understand the treatment you and your baby received in hospital if you have suffered the loss of your baby during  pregnancy, labour and birth or in the early neonatal period.

  • Hospital complaints and internal investigations
    This leaflet explains what happens where you have suffered traumatic treatment leading to injury and/or loss of your baby during your pregnancy, labour and birth or in the early neonatal period, and you wish to raise a complaint against the hospital for the treatment provided.
  • Bringing a legal claim
    This leaflet explains the process of bringing a legal claim when you or a relative have suffered the loss of a baby during pregnancy, labour or birth, or during the early neonatal period. It also applies where you have suffered a traumatic birth and you and/or your baby have been injured. 
  • Going home after birth trauma
    This leaflet is prepared for the situation where you and your baby have suffered birth trauma and you are preparing to go home together. You may be wondering what might happens now and this leaflet will provide some guidance of where you can get legal help and support around what happens next. We also suggest some sources of non-legal support.
  • Dealing with an Inquest after Baby Loss
    This leaflet will explain what happens when you have suffered the loss of your baby and the death has been referred to the Coroner. It is designed for parents and also for close relatives concerned about the reasons for the baby’s passing and who want to support the parents.

When you are ready, contact us to speak to one of our specialist lawyers for legal advice about making a legal claim.

Contact us on our free legal helpline number  0800 047 2791  or our email

Birth trauma charities 

We set out below a number of charitable organisations that offer family support for different situations. No size fits all but every one of these organisations does their best to provide the support you need.


4Louis charity supports families who have lost a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or death. They offer a variety of services to families, including memory boxes, bereavement rooms, and cuddle cots. They also work to improve the care that bereaved families receive from healthcare professionals.

Abigails Footsteps

Abigail's Footsteps is a baby loss charity that provides support and counselling for bereaved parents and families, as well as specialist bereavement training for midwives and healthcare professionals.

Birth Trauma Association

The Birth Trauma Association is a charity that supports families who have experienced traumatic birth. They offer peer support, information, and resources to help families cope with the emotional and psychological effects of birth trauma. They also campaign for improvements in maternity care to help prevent birth trauma from happening in the first place.


Bliss is a charity that supports babies born premature or sick and their families. They provide information and support to parents of premature or sick babies, as well as campaign for better neonatal care.


Cerebra is a charity that helps children with brain conditions and their families. They offer a wide range of services, including information and advice, support groups, and legal and financial help. They also conduct research on brain conditions.

Child Bereavement UK

Child Bereavement UK is a charity that helps children, young people, parents and families when a child grieves or dies.

Children's Trust 

The Children's Trust is a charity that delivers expert rehabilitation, education and community services to young people with brain injury and their families.


Contact is a charity that supports families with disabled children. They provide information, advice, and support to families through a variety of channels, including their website, helpline, and local contact offices. They also campaign for changes to government policy and raise awareness of the issues facing disabled children and their families.

Cruse Bereavement Support

Cruse Bereavement Support is a charity that offers bereavement support. They offer a wide range of services to people who are grieving, including a free helpline, Email support, online chat support, one-to-one bereavement counselling and group support.

Footprints Baby Loss

Footprints Baby Loss is a charity that provides support to parents and families who experience the death of one or more of their twins or triplets before, during or after birth. They offer a sense of community and provide a safe space where people can grieve together. They also ensure that their charity is welcoming and accessible to everyone.

Lily Mae Foundation

The Lily Mae Foundation is a charity that supports parents and families who have experienced the loss of a baby through stillbirth, neonatal death, miscarriage, or medical termination. They offer a variety of services, including memory boxes, one-to-one support from a bereavement support worker, monthly support groups for parents and family members, and a support group for pregnant women and their partners who have experienced a loss.


Mencap is a charity that works with people with learning disabilities. They provide information and support to people with learning disabilities and their families.

Peeps - HIE

Peeps HIE Charity provides support to parents, families, and friends of those affected by HIE (Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy), raising awareness of HIE. Some of the things they do include: Provide information about HIE, Buddy/peer support, Counselling and therapy, Funding for equipment.



Petals Charity is a baby loss counselling charity that offers counselling, support, and information to families who have experienced the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death, or termination for medical reasons.


Sands is a charity that supports families who have lost a baby. They offer a variety of services, including: a helpline, local support groups, online community forums, bereavement support books, memory boxes, and support for siblings. They also work to improve bereavement care for professionals.


Tommy's is a charity that funds research into the causes of miscarriage, stillbirth, and premature birth. They also provide pregnancy and baby loss information and support.

Working Families

Working Families is a charity that supports working parents and carers. They offer a variety of services, including advice on benefits and tax credits, childcare support, and employment rights.

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