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P2B Mediation

With the P2B regulation coming into force resulting in the obligation for online mediation services to appoint mediators for dispute resolution, the need for suitable mediators is increasing. With many years of experience and profound expertise Fieldfisher not only supports you with a suitable mediator to be named in your terms and conditions, but also helps to solve disputes through mediation.

Mediation as an opportunity

We see the new regulation not only as an obligation, but also as an opportunity to make use of mediation to reach out of court settlements of disputes. Mediation has become an increasingly popular option in recent years because it has many advantages over litigation in court.

For example:

  • Lower and, from the outset, foreseeable cost risk
  • Fast and individualised finding of solutions
  • Free determination of the legal framework with the contractual partner.

We only charge a basic fee for naming our mediators in your terms and conditions. In the event of a dispute, we carry out mediation at a fixed price. This enables you to reliably estimate the expected costs of the service.  

We would be happy to discuss the details with you personally and to determine which further requirements the P2B regulation places on you and your company.