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Discover the one-stop-solution offered by Fieldfisher to comply with your whistleblowing reporting obligations.

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How does it work?

Fieldfisher Belgium and Leaders League collaborate on whistleblowing

Our firm has been working in partnership with Leaders League in order to shed light on pivotal topic. 

Watch the below videos to have a glimpse of the discussions.

Fieldfisher and whistleblowing: a multifaceted approach to building a speak-up culture

Would you like to see the full campagne? Click on the link below to discover the full whistleblowing campaign.

Click here

How can we help?

In order to ensure optimal management of complaints or facts reported through this channel, Fieldfisher offers to manage relations with whistleblowers through an IT tool specially adapted to your needs and developed by our partner Whistleblower Software ApS.

Whistleblowers will thus be put in contact (anonymously or not, depending on their choice) with a lawyer from our firm who will act as an intermediary with the designated person within your company.

This service will allow you to be advised at all times and to (ensure you) respect your legal obligations in terms of whistleblower protection.

It will also allow you to have, if necessary, the necessary multi-disciplinary legal support in order to carry out any investigations in compliance with legal standards, particularly in terms of personal data protection.

Our firm will act solely on your instructions and will not, at any time, act as the whistleblower's counsel, in accordance with our ethical rules.

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