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Environmental, Social and Governance

ESG is a key priority for our firm. As consumer, industry, and political priorities and challenges are evolving, we are here to support and advise our clients in this dynamic area.

Our Offering

In the face of significant environmental, social and governance challenges ("ESG"), regulators at various levels are extensively stepping in to guide society towards a more sustainable future. Consequently, ESG has become a key factor in consumer and corporate decision-making processes. The ubiquity of ESG makes the topic indispensable on companies' priority lists.

The name of the game is to convert challenges imposed by ESG into opportunities through the swift accumulation and implementation of knowledge on the one hand, while pursuing a coherent long-term strategy on the other. Through our single advisory platform, Fieldfisher Brussels offers a dedicated ESG & Sustainability Focus Group.

This cross-departmental team of lawyers from practice areas such as environmental, conflict minerals, energy transition, product regulatory (ecodesign etc), food, employment, water, tech and data, finance, and corporate has ample experience and expertise in providing public and private actors with comprehensive hands-on ESG and sustainability-related services.

Examples of relevant experience

  • Advising several clients and EU associations on microplastics restrictions and the Single Use Plastics Directive.
  • Advising many clients on the ongoing proposal for an EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation and the policy framework for BBC plastics.
  • Green chemicals.

  • Assisting clients in developing a Paris-aligned strategy and avoiding liability risks in the context of climate change litigation.
  • Assisting various clients in developing their EU ETS obligations strategy on medium and long term, from a project and pricing point of view.

  • Assistance on queries related to the (future) legislation on sustainable food systems and due diligence.
  • Advising clients on various queries related to the indication of origin, transparency, food labelling and green claims, nutrition policy and other polices related to the Farm to Fork Strategy.

  • Assisting multiple energy suppliers in their strategy and consideration as to the sale and supply of renewable energy and the certification of the renewable character of the supplied energy throughout the EU, more specifically within the guarantee of origin systems between countries.
  • Assisting various clients as to how to comply with energy efficiency obligations and reporting as industrial players, including with regard to support mechanisms and state aid.
  • Assisting industrial consumers regarding their strategy of renewable energy production, including on site projects, corporate PPAs, closed distribution grids and direct lines.
  • Assisting Flemish public energy companies in various sustainable procurement tenders, including designing specific selection and award criteria for sustainable procurement of (gas and) electricity.
  • Assisting a consortium of public bodies in their strategy as to electricity sourcing, including virtual PPAs, closed networks, and designing specific selection and award criteria for sustainable procurement.

  • Advising clients on green claims, labelling and on how to avoid greenwashing accusations.
  • Assisting clients with the implementation of data protection compliance frameworks to ensure they process personal data lawfully.

  • Advising clients on data security and helping clients manage the impact of data security and personal data breaches.

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