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Crisis Management

Crisis management – when an unexpected and high impact event occurs. By the time a crisis hits a company, it's too late to start developing a crisis management plan.

Crises unfold fast, and news – and sometimes misinformation – can spread faster, across multiple time zones in a matter of minutes.

This can be followed by intense media and public scrutiny. A major crisis can have severe and implications on a company's image, reputation, financial stability, and employee and other global stakeholder relations.

Crisis management prevention and planning

Our clients do not need to wait until a crisis unfolds to access our range of services and expertise. Although some crises are not foreseeable, many can be dealt with at the early stages through implementing strong systems and frameworks that will help with handling and mitigating the impact of any such crises.

To assist our clients with this aspect of crises prevention management, we can review and advise on existing risk management systems, provide training on crisis response and risk management, and create and test bespoke crises management plans, tailored to the needs of our client.