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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the key technology of the fourth industrial revolution. Artificial intelligence is already being used in development, production, administration and in many everyday areas of life. However, the extent to which AI-based systems are used depends largely on whether people trust the technology. Ethical standards and legal requirements therefore play a central role - at least in Europe - for the use of AI systems.

Consulting in future-oriented technology areas

Most companies and institutions that develop and use AI systems are aware of the importance of responsible use of AI. However, they face the challenge of implementing abstract ethical values and the complex legal framework for AI systems in practice.

With our lawyers, we advise and assist in connection with artificial intelligence, IoT, Big Data, augmented reality, drones & robotics, machine learning applications, cloud services, and other advanced technology areas. We regularly work with developers, engineers, universities, executives, private equity investors, and banks on a wide range of topics. In the earliest stages of a product or service's development, we help clients identify and address compliance and financing requirements associated with its research and development efforts, prepare for due diligence or a financing proposal. Throughout the development process, we help developers, marketers and investors understand, evaluate and assess potential regulatory, disclosure and documentation requirements, establish and implement financing or IP protection strategies.

Our experience in the field of AI

  • Helping financial institutions and professional services firms implement a wide range of business intelligence, RPA, and machine learning solutions to drive digital transformation.

  • Advising on privacy, ethical, and ESG aspects of using AI with facial biometrics and automated decision making.

  • Structure and negotiate licensing, distribution, and value-added resale agreements for a leading conversational AI platform.

  • Advising a global social media company on transparency and explaining the use of AI algorithms to its users.

  • Negotiating the provision of AI as a service by a Tier 1 outsourcing and cloud service provider on behalf of a global data and insights company.

  • Work with the UK government to help shape the UK's AI strategy and provide input to help achieve its regulatory objectives.

  • Advising on the sale and purchase of a service provider whose business includes AI-driven process optimization in the areas of customer experience and customer relationship management.

  • Advising an international life sciences company on its commercial partnership with a leading German car manufacturer on remote sensing technologies to authenticate users and monitor their physiological state.

  • Assisted a fast-growing provider of fully automated drone services in its expansion in the UK, Europe and the US.

  • Structuring and negotiating licensing, distribution and value-added resale agreements for a leading AI platform.

  • Negotiated the joint development of an intelligent machine learning-based talent matching solution with Google and advised on AI digital ethics and issues arising from automated decision making.

  • Assisting a travel company in a lawsuit against IBM for poor implementation of an AI solution.

  • Advising a leading German home appliance manufacturer on commercial and legal issues related to its home automation product.

  • Advising an automotive manufacturer on data privacy compliance and strategy in connection with the launch of its new driverless car for consumers.

  • Assisted multiple financial institutions with a variety of intelligent business management and RPA implementations as part of a transformative outsourcing effort across technology, finance and accounting, and human resources.

  • Advised on the use of facial recognition at two international conferences.

  • Supporting a startup working with financial institutions to provide AI analytics for securities trading.

  • Advising an Israeli AI life science company developing a contactless remote recognition technology that both authenticates users and monitors their physiological state on a development agreement with a leading German car manufacturer.

  • We advised Descript GmbH on the introduction of AI-based software to support sales calls in the financial sector, both in terms of regulatory and data protection law, as well as early-stage corporate and tax structuring.

  • Advising a leading system provider for self-driving cars on data protection and privacy issues.

  • Data protection and IT law advice to a global agricultural machinery group in the context of various digitalization projects and the implementation of AI systems.

  • Legal advice on the acquisition of a company specializing in business agility and analytical transformation with AI-based technology. The 50-person team brings knowledge from the field of organizational development and will immediately strengthen our client's Talent & Organization / Human Potential team.

  • Advising a leading autonomous driving company on large scale test drives in several European countries.