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Asbestos Lung Cancer Claims

If you or a member of your family have suffered from lung cancer due to asbestos exposure through the actions of an employer, we will act quickly and sensitively to advise you on a claim for compensation.

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Asbestos Lung Cancer Among Workers

Exposure to asbestos increases the risk of developing lung cancer. Importantly, asbestos exposure and smoking act together to produce a huge risk of lung cancer in people exposed to both hazards.

Asbestos Lung Cancer Explained

Most asbestos lung cancer starts in the lining of the bronchi, the tubes into which the windpipe divides.

It can also develop in the trachea, bronchioles (small branches of the bronchi), or alveoli (lung air sacs). Although lung cancer usually develops slowly, once it occurs, cancer cells can break away and spread to other parts of the body.

The two most common types of lung cancer are:

  • small cell lung cancer (SCLC) where the cancer cells are small and round
  • non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) where the cancer cells are larger

Sometimes a cancer features both types and is called mixed small cell/large cell cancer.

Non–small cell lung cancer accounts for almost 80 per cent of lung cancers. Small cell lung cancer accounts for about 20 per cent of all lung cancers.

Although the cancer cells are small, they can multiply quickly and form large tumors. The tumors can spread to the lymph nodes and to other organs.

Early–stage asbestos lung cancer may be asymptomatic (without symptoms). The methods used to diagnose asbestos lung cancer include imaging tests, biopsies, and taking phlegm (spit) samples.

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Why claim with Fieldfisher's Asbestos Disease team

Our experience

We were one of the first firms to launch asbestos claims in the 1980s. Our partners have more than 30 years' experience, and we have recovered over £250m for victims of asbestos disease. We aim to recover the highest amount of damages in the shortest amount of time with the least stress and at no cost.

Our cases

We have sued almost every employer who has exposed their workers to asbestos. We have a database of 3000 companies who we have sued, with access to their insurance details, previous cases and previous witness statements.

Our heritage

We have been involved in the most important legal development in asbestos disease cases. We have taken cases to the Court of Appeal/House of Lords to change the law and asbestos disease sufferers. Most recently in the case of Bussey vs Anglia Heating Ltd.

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