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At Fieldfisher Spain we have more than 50 years’ experience in complex litigation. In addition to our more than 90 lawyers, we have a network of experts in various subject matters. This enables us to integrate talent in a flexible way, creating a multilingual, multidisciplinary team that is renowned across industries.

Our well-known specialisation in appeals with the Spanish Supreme Court, the Spanish Constitutional Court, and the Court of Human Rights enables us to design effective strategies from the start.

Our Banking Litigation department specialises in claims brought by companies, large estates, and professional and institutional investors against financial institutions. We have led some of the legal proceedings that have given rise to case law in this matter. Our extensive experience in cases involving large amounts of money, as well as our in-depth knowledge of the financial design of bank products, has enabled us to achieve many favourable rulings, even in particularly complex cases. 

We currently have an exclusive agreement with Therium Capital, litigation funders, to finance litigation related to renewable energy company swaps.