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Asbestos Companies Database

Our mesothelioma and asbestos claims lawyers have compiled a unique computerised database which contains information about almost 2,000 companies for which our clients have worked with asbestos.

Our database includes valuable details about employers' liability insurers which has enabled us to restore dissolved companies in order to sue them.

Because of the enormous range of cases that we have concluded, the database includes a wide range of companies, e.g. thermal insulation, asbestos manufacturers, construction, heating, ship building, shipping lines, stevedores, petroleum refineries.

There are nearly 2000 companies on our directory. These are listed in alphabetical order below:


A & P Falmouth Limited

A & R Brown Limited

A & R W Corpe Limited

A Boake Roberts and Company Limited

A E Smith, Coggins (Holdings) Limited

A E Smith, Coggins Limited

A J Murphy Insulation Co.Limited

A M Devereux Limited

A. Boake, Roberts and Company (Holding) Limited

A. Cameron Limited

A. Davies & Co (Shopfitters) Limited

A. E. Symes Limited

A. H. Aldridge& Company Limited

A. Lewis & Sons (Builders) Limited

A. Mackmurdie Limited

A. Smith & Sons (Heating) Limited

A. W. Goddard Limited

A.E. Bartholomew & Company Limited

A.E.Bartholomew & Company Limited

A.E.Hadley Limited

A.E.Rainbird & Son Limited

A.E.Redman Limited

A.E.S. (Realisations) Limited

A.E.S.(Realisations )Limited

A.G. Maidment & Son Limited

A.G.Manly Group Limited

A.G.Manly Plumbing Limited

A.Geall Limited

A.J. Sulman (Caulking Contractors) Limited

A.M. and H. Rankin Limited

Abastra Asbestos Removal Service Limited

ABB Ventilation & Refrigeration Limited

Abbey Insulation Limited

Abbey Tile Company

Abbott Insulation Company Limited (The)

ABE Catering Equipment Limited

Abex Fluid Power Limited

Able Scaffolding Limited

Abnat Limited

Abrahams & Carlisle Limited

Accordis UK Limited

Acro Limited

Acsol Limited

Adamfine Limited

Advance Insulation Limited

Aerostill Insulation Company Limited

Aerostructures Hamble Limited

Afton Chemical Limited

AGB International Plc

Ager Limited

AgrEvo UK Limited

Ailsa Shipbuilders Limited

Aim Group Plc

Airlinor Limited

Airwoods Limited

Airwork Limited




Akzo Nobel Films (Holdings) Limited

Akzo Nobel UK Limited

Alan Best Contracts Limited

Albright & Wilson Limited

Alcan Aluminium UK Limited

Alexander Findlay & Company Limited

Alexander Shipping Company Limited

Alexandra Scaling and Cleaning Company Limited

Alexandra Stone Company (Barking) Limited (The)

Alexandra Stone Company Limited (The)

Alexco (No.1) Limited

Alford & Alder (Engineers) Limited

Alfred Bagnall & Sons (London)) Limited

Alfred C. Lefley Limited

Allen & Hanburys Limited

Alliance Long Acre Limited

Allied Grain Limited

Almetex Limited

Alnery No. 224 Limited

Alpeninox Refrigeration UK Limited

Alpha Automation Limited

Alpine Construction Co. Limited

AM Admel Limited

Amarc (Training Education and Safety) Limited

Amec (F.C.G) P.L.C.

Amec Engineering Limited

Ament Engineering Company Limited

Amraf (Ely) Limited

Anchor Chemical Group Plc

Anchor Insulating Company Limited



Anderson Firmin & Collins Limited

Andrews & Plumpton Limited

Anfield 2 Limited

Anglo Blackwells Limited

Anglo Scottish Marine Trading Limited

Anglo Standard Limited

Anro Oil Limited

ANZMB Limited

Apex Insulation (North West) Limited

Appledore Constructions Limited

Appledore Shipbuilders (2004) Limited

Appledore Shipbuilders Limited

Appledore Shipbuilders Training Centre

Appledore Shiprepairs Limited

APV UK Limited

Aqua Mechanical Services Limited

Aquascutum Limited

ARA Services PLC

ARC Powell Duffryn Limited

Arch Press Limited

Archer Joinery Company Limited (The)

Archibald Saville & Co. Limited

Arco Environmental Limited

Arco Group Limited

Arden Felt Roofing limited

Arhtur Bradshaw Limited

Armstrong Frictions Limited

Arthur H Wilton Limited

Arthur L. Gibson & Co

Arthurs Motorcycles

Arvin & Sons Limited

Arvin Roofing Limited

Asbesteel Limited

Asbestos Insulations (Nottm) Limited

Asbestos Stripping Company Limited

Asbestos Supply & Covering Company Limited

ASCA Limited

Asda Stores Limited

Asgol Limited

Ashburton Road Services Limited

Ashby & Horner Limited

Ashby & Horner Limited

Ashby Warner & Company Limited

Ashwell Scott Limited

Asociated British Combustion Limited

Assco Limited

Associated Biscuits

Associated Electrical Industries (Manchester) Limited

Associated Electrical Industries Limited

Associated Ethyl Company Limited

Associated Newspapers Limited

Associated Octel Company Limited

Associated Petro Engineering Limited

Atcost Limited

Athel Line Limited

ATI (Southern) Limited

Atkins Saws Limited

Atlas Clensol Limited

Atlas Insulation Company Limited

Atlas Sprinkler Company Limited

Atlas Stone Company Limited (The)

Avon Rubber p.l.c.

Awcol Insulations Limited

Awcol Insulations Limited

Axstane Properties Limited

Aycliffe Engineering Limited

Ayr Engineering & Constructional Company Limited


B & M Insulation (Gravesend) Limited

B & M McHugh Limited

B Waterhouse & Sons Limited

B. Dixon & Co Limited

B. Dixon & Co. Limited

B.C.B.Heating Limited

B.D.Copp & Co.Limited

B.H.Group Limited

B.R.Ainsworth & Company Limited

Babbage Land Limited

Babcock International Group PLC

Babcock International Limited

BAE Systems Marine Limited

BAE Systems Plc

BAI (Run-Off) Ltd

Bailey Limited

Baileys Roofing Limited

Baird & Tatlock Limited

BAJ Coatings Limited

Balfour Beatty Engineering Services (HY) Limited

Balfour Beatty Group Limited

Balfour Beatty Plc

Balfour Beatty Workplace Limited

Balfout Beatty Const Limited

Balham Engineering Limited

Bandt BTT Limited

Bandt Properties Limited

Bank of England

Barclay Curle Limited

Barlow & Young Limited

Barloworld Vacuum Technology Plc

Barnby Insulation Co Limited

Barnet Insulation Company Limited

Barnston Estates Limited

Barrett and Wright (London) Limited

Bartram & Sons Limited

Basingstoke Buildings Limited

Basingstoke Buildings LImited

BBA Aviation PLC

BDH Chemicals Limited

Beacon Fires Limited

Beauchamp Young (Industrial Heating) Limited

Beaufort Construction Limited

BECA (Engineers) Limited

Bechtel India Private Limited

Bechtel International Limited

Bechtel Limited

Beck & Pollitzer Engineering Limited

Beck & Pollitzer Limited

Beecham Group Plc

Beechwood Group Public Limited Company

Bell & Colvill (Purley) Limited

Bell & Colvill Plc

Belling & Co, Limited

Benfleet Electrical Company Limited

Benfleet Electrical Limited

Benham Building Services (MBP) Limited

Bennett Safetywear Limited

Berger J & N Paints Limited

Berkey Technical (U.K.) Limited

Bernard Hastie & Co. Limited

Bernard Thorpe And Partners Limited

Berwen Limited

Bestobell Aviation Products Limited

Bestobell Engineering Products Limited

Bestobell Insulation Limited

BF Predecessor Limited

Bical Construction Limited

Biffa Holdings Limited

Biffa Waste Services Ltd

Bilton P.L.C.

Bimec Benham Engineering Limited

Birds (Swansea) Limited

Birstall Carpet Company Limited

Blackfriars Shipping Company Limited

Blackwall Engineering Limited

Blackwell & Attersbury Limited

Blackwell Stanistreet Company Limited

Blatchington Three Limited

Blue Star Line

Blundell & Crompton Limited

Blundells & T Albert Crompton Company

BOC Group plc (The)

BOCM Pauls Limited

Boiler & General Services Limited

Boiler Insulation & Chemical Co. Limited

Boiler Maintenance Limited

Bollom Limited

Bolton Steam Shipping Company Limited (The)

Bonallack Vehicles Limited

Booth & Bomford (Evesham) Limited

Boots Company PLC (The)

Boots the Chemist Limited

Botwoods Limited

Boulton & Paul Limited

Bovis Construction Limited

Bovis Engineering Limited

Bovis Lend Lease Holdings Limited

Bowater SCE Limited

Bowring Gauntlet Limited

BP Chemical Technical Services Limited

BP Exploration (Vietnam) Limited


BP Shipping Limited

BPB Investments Limited

Braby-Fuller Limited

Brakefields, Limited

Brass and Alloy Pressings (Deritend) Limited

BRB (Residuary) Limited

Brentapac U.K. Plc

Brentwood Sack & Bag Company Limited

Brentwood Sack & Bag Company Limited

Brewman Group Limited

Brewman Group Limited

Brewman HGS Limited

Brewman WT Limited

Brickmere Builders Limited

Bridfurn Realisations Limited

Bridgefast Limited

Bridgewater Estates Limited

Briggs Motor Bodies Limited

Brigham & Cowan (Hull) Limited

Brigham & Cowan Limited

Brighton Merchant Distributors Limited

Brimsdown Service Station Limited

Bristol-Myers Company Limited

Bristol-Myers Squibb Holdings Limited

Britain Steamship Company Limited (The)

Britannia Refined Metals Limited

British & Commonwealth Holdings Plc

British Aerospace PLC

British Aircraft Corporation Limited

British Alcan Aluminium Plc

British Arc Welding (Lancashire) Limited

British Arc Welding Company (Bristol C)

British Arc Welding Company Limited (The)

British Bakeries (Southern) Limited

British Belting & Asbestos Limited

British Energy Generation Limited

British Energy Group PLC

British Energy Limited

British Enkalon Plc

British Gas Corp East Midland Region

British India Steam Navigation Company

British Industrial Plastics Limited

British Insulated Cables Limited

British Motor Holdings Limited

British Nuclear Fuels Limited

British Nuclear Fuels PLC

British Oxygen Company Limited (The)

British Plywood Manufacturers Limited

British Rail Engineering Limited

British Rail Maintenance Limited

British Shipbuilders

British Shipbuilders (Engineering & Technical)

British Shipbuilders (Govan) Limited

British Shipbuilders (Southwick) Limited


British Shipbuilders North East Training

British Shipbuilders Pension Trustee Limited

British Steel PLC

British Telecommunications PLC

British Uralite PLC

British Waterways

British Wheeler Process Limited

Briwin Shopfitting Co. Limited

Brooke Marine Limited

Brown & Mason Ltd.

Browne & Tawse Properties Limited

Brush Electrical Machimes Limited

Bryen Langley & Co


BS Benton House Limited

BS(ETS) Limited


BTR Trading Limited

Bucon Heating & Ventilating Limited

Bucon Heating Services Limited

Builders' Iron & Zincwork Limited

Bullard & Sons Limited

Burdell Engineering Company Limited

BurgerKing Limited

Burlingway Construction Company Limited

Burnt Island Shipping Company Linited (The)

Burt Boulton Holdings Limited

Bush Boake Allen Limited

Butco Heating (Service) Limited

BXL Plastics Limited

Byfleet Solna Limited


C & J Stanley Limited

C & T H (Calne) Limited

C A Parsons And Company Limited

C and T Painters Limited

C I Bourne Limited

C S Wiggins & Sons Limited

C&D (Insulation Operations) Limited

C. B. Grey Limited

C.B.A. Enterprise Limited

C.D.Stone (Holdings) Limited

C.D.Stone (Holdings) Limited

C.H. Peppiatt & Son Limited

C.J.Howard & Son Builders & Contractors Limited

C.J.Howard and Son, Limited

C.Jenner & Son Limited

C.S. Thompson (Letchworth) Limited

C.S.Thompson (Letchworth) Limited

Cadbury Schweppes Plc

Caird Industrial Services (South) Limited

Calder Industrial Materials Limited

Caledon Shipbuilding and Engineering Company Limited

Caledonia Fabrications Limited

Caledonia Joinery Company Limited

Callender's Cable and Construction Company Limited

Calweton Building Construction Limited

Cammell Laird & Company Limited

Cammell Laird (Developments) Limited

Cammell Laird (Shiprepairers) Limited

Cammell Laird Shipbuilding Services Limited

Camomile Lines Plc

Camrex Corrosion Engineers (Overseas) Limited

Camrex Corrosion Engineers Marine (Group) Limited

Canadian Pacific (UK) Limited

Canadian Pacific Limited

Canadian Pacific Railway Company

Canvey Supply Company, Limited (The)

Cape Asbestos Company Limited

Cape Building Products Limited

Cape Darlington Limited

Cape Distribution Limited

Cape Durasteel Limited

Cape Estates Limited

Cape Industries Limited

Cape Insulation Limited

Cape Public Limited Company

Cape Universal Claddings Limited

Capital Covering Company Limited

Capitalcross Limited

Carillion (Singapore) Limited

Carillion Capital Projects Limited

Carillion Construction (Contracts) Limited

Carillion Construction (London) Limited

Carillion Construction Limited

Carlton Contractors Limited

Carrington Viyella Yarns Limited

Carter - Horseley (Engineers) Limited

Cascade Insulation Services Limited

Castrol Limited

Caswell Ridge Limited

Caterham Car Sales & Coachworks Limited

CBS Engineering

CCD Pumps

CCF Limited

CDN Insulation Limited

CEA Engineering Limited

CEGO Industry Limited

Celanese Emulsions Limited

Celcon Limited

Cementation Company PLC (The)

Central Asbestos Company Limited

Central Electricity Generating Board

Central Heating Bureau (Southern) Limited

Central Insulations (Asbestos Removers) Limited

Central Insulations (UK) Limited

Central Minerals and Trading Limited

Centrica Plc

CES Site Welding (Birmingham) Limited

CH Crichton

Champion Sparking Plug Company Ltd

Chapman Hall Gray Limited

Charles Barker (Engineering) Limited

Charles Howson & Company Limited

Charles Portway & Son Limited

Charles Poulter Limited

Charles S. Foster & Sons Limited

Charles Stone & Son

Charles Wallis and Sons (Sacks) Limited

Charles Watkin & Company Limited

Charlotte Twenty-Seven Limited

Charter Consolidated PLC

Chase Side Motor Co Limited

Chebsey Estate Limited (The)

Chemical & Insulating Company Limited (The)

Chem-Oil (Fabrications) Limited

Chloride Batteries Limited

Chloride Group Public Limited Company

Chloride Limited

Chloride Lorival

Chloride U.K. Limited

Chrichton Brown Limited

Circle Insulation Co. Limited

City Line Limited (The)

Clarges Pharmaceutcals Limited

Clark & Standfield Limited

Clark and Fenn Limited

Clark and Fenn Skanska Limited

Clarke Hawthorn Limited

Cleanaway Limited

Cleancare UK Limited

Cleeve Investments Limited

Clelands Shipbuilders Limited

Climax Insulation and Packing Company Limited (The)

Clover Brown Engineering Limited

Clyde Sturtevant Limited

CMD Engineering (Haydock) Limited

Coats Viyella PLC

Coilstock Limited

Cokenach Estate Limited


Colchester Tractors Limited

Colchester Transport Ltd


Coles Green Joinery Limited

Collier Finance Limited

Colloids Limited

Combustion Chemicals Limited

Combustion Engineering Limited

Compass Contractors Limited

Comyn Ching Limited

Concrete Repairs Limited

Concrete Sealers U.K. Limited

Conlon Construction Limited

Connies of Cardiff Limited

Conoley & Company Limited

Contandown Limited

Cooke's Industries Limited

Cookson Group PLC

Coopcam (UK) Ltd

Co-operative Group (CWS) Limited

Co-Operative Wholesale Society Limited

Coopers Payen Limited

Copper & Automotive Washer Company Limited

Corbishley and Wallace (Plant Hire) Limited

Cork Insulation Company (72) Limited

Cork Manufacturing Company Limited

Corporation of Lloyds

Corporation of London (The)

Corus Group Plc

Cory Associated Wharves Limited

Cory Environmental Limited

Costain Construction Limited

Coulson Group Limited

County Steelwork & Engineering Company Limited

Courtaulds Northern Textiles Limited

Courtney & Fairbairn Limited

Cowal Engineering Company Limited (The)

Cox Thermal Insulation Limited

Craft Joinery Limited

Crawford Industrial Properties Limited

Crescent Tankships Limited

Crichton Brown Limited

Crittall Galvanising Limited

Crittall Windows Limited

Crittall-Hope Limited

Croda Colloids Limited

Croda Hydrocarbons Limited

Croda International PLC

Crow Carrying Company Limited

Crown House Contractors Limited

Crown House Engineering (South East) Limited

Crown House Manufacturing Limited

Croydon Automobile Company Limited

Cullum Ceilings Limited

Cunard Brocklebank Limited

Cunard Line (The)


D & I Insulation Limited

D A Contractors

D A D Munro Engineers and Contractors Limited

D A Moody Limited

D. & W. Betts Limited

D.Anderson & Son Limited

D.J.G. Limited

D.S.Fastrode Limited

Dagenite Batteries Limited

Dalgety PLC

Dalgliesh Ship Management Limited

Dallam (CCF) Limited

Dalman and Co. Limited

Dancer & Hearne Limited

Daniel Doncaster & Sons Limited

Danks Holdings Limited

Darchem Limited

Darlton Quarries Limited

Darlton Quarries Limited

Dartford Borough Council

Datadeep Limited

Davey & Pengelly Limited

Davey Paxman and Company Limited

David Charles (Symes Properties) Limited

Davies Bros (Astley) Limited

Davies Construction Company (London) Limited

Davy McDermott Limited

Davy Property Holdings Limited

Davy U.K. (Holdings) Limited

Dawnays Limited

Day's Asphalt & Roofing Co. Limited

DBF Services Limited

de Havilland Aircraft Company Limited (The)

Deanpast Limited

Deborah Insulation Limited

Deborah Services Limited

Dee-Cee Contracts & Supplies Limited

Delaney & Keenan Limited

Delaney & Keenan Limited

Delaney Gallay Limited

Deliaf Limited

Delmorgal Limited

Denton Slipways Limited

Department of Trade and Industry

Derby Specialist Fabrications Limited

Derby Specialist Fabrications Limited

Design Installation Service Limited

Devonport Royal Dockyard Limited

Devroome Developments Limited

Dewcrest Limited

Dialled Despatches Limited

Diamond Insulations Limited

Dickins & Jones Limited

Dickins & Jones Limited

Dicks Asbestos Company Limited

Dick's Eagle Insulations Limited

Diversey Limited

DMB Contractors Limited

Dockland Welding Company Limited

Dohm Limited

Don International Limited

Doncasters Blaenhaven Limited

Doncasters Limited

Doney Daniels Limited

Dorcup Limited

Doric Company Limited

Dormant One Limited

Doust & Co. Limited

Doxford Engines Limited

Drake & Scull Holdings Limited

Drake Shipping Company Limited (The)

Duncan Watson Limited

Dunlop Limited

Dunmow Flitch Bacon Company, Limited

Dunn International Limited

Duport Steels Limited

Durable Asphalte Company Limited

Durable Insulation Company Limited

Durable Transport Co. Limited

Durrant Bros Limited

Dutton-Forshaw (Medway) Limited

DWJ (1986) Limited


E & E Contractors (Peterborough) Limited

E & F (Shiplease) Limited

E & F Limited

E H Roberts & Company (Southend) Limited

E&P (Builders & Decorators) & Sons Limited

E. Dixon Barker & Son Limited

E. Wight (Electrical) Limited

E.A.& H. Sandford (Lifting) Limited

E.A.Fuller & Son

E.C.Trendle & Son Limited

E.F. Mills & Sons

E.F.Wynn and Partners Limited

E.I.Steel Limited

E.J.Martin & Co Limited

E.R.Armfield Limited

E.W.Tyler (Concrete Products) Limited

East & Son Limited

Eastern Electricity Plc

Eastern Heating Engineers Limited

Eaton Bros. (Builders) Limited

EBETI Limtied

Echolake (Propertiess) Limited

Economic Insulations Limited

EDF Energy Plc

Edgar Phillips Limited

Edgar Smith (Thermal Insulating) Limited

Edmund Nuttall Limited

Edmund Nuttall Limited

Edward Curran (Engineering) Limited

Edward Leffek, Limited

Edwd, Deane & Beal, Limited

Ekard Realisations Limited

Elder Dempster Lines, Limited

Elders & Fyffes Limited

Eldridge Pope & Company PLC

Electrical Equipment Company (Leicester) Limited (The)

Electrical Installations Limited

Electricity Services Limited

Electrium (UK) Limited

Electro Dynamic Limited

Electrodrives Limited

Electrodynamic and Hewitt Electronics Limited

Electrodynamic Reeds Limited

Electro-Dynamic Services Limited

Elevators & Engineering Limited

Elkingtons (Tonbridge) Limited

Ellerman Lines Limited

Ellesmere Port Insulation Company Limited

Ellis Mechanical Services (UK) Limited

Elmchurch Limited

Elstree Lighting Limited

Emcor Group (UK) Plc

EMI Group Limited

Energy & Marine (North East) Limited

Energy and Marine (Wearside) Limited

English Electric Company, Limited (The)

Enthone - Omi Holdings (UK) Limited

Eric Wright Civil Engineering Limited

Ernest W. Merredew & Sons Limited

Errany Limited

Espley-Tyas Construction Group Limited

Esselte UK Limited

Essex County Council

Essex Insulation Limited

Essex Insulations Limited

Esso Petroleum Company, Limiterd

Estuary Shiprepair & Engineering Services Limited

Eternit UK Limited

Eurofleet Rental Limited

Europa Ferry Trailer Limited

European Industrial Services (Fasteners) Limited

Excel Asphalte Company Limited

Excel Insulations Limited

Excelarc Engineering Company Limited

Exel Holdings |Limited

Exide Technologies (Transportation) Limited

Expamet Contracts Limited

Expamet International Limited

Expanded Metal Company Limited (The)

Expandite Contract Services Limited

Express Powerlite Installations Limited


F & K Walker Demolitions Limited

F Leroy & Co. (London) Limited

F Leroy & Company (Manchester) Limited

F.E.Holland Limited

F.Hills & Sons Limited

F.J. Baynes and Company, Limited

F.M.C. (Meat) Limited

F.T.Everard & Sons Limited

F.W.Surridge Disposals Limited

Fairfield S & E Limited

Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company Limited (The)

Falcon Insulations Limited

Falmouth Docks & Engineering Company

Falmouth Docks Oil Exploration Base Limited

Falmouth Shiprepair Limited

Falmouth Towage Company Limited (The)

Falmouth Towage Company Limited (The)

Fambridge Engineering Limited

Farnboro Thermal Limited

Farrow Group Limited

Federal-Mogul Friction Products Limited

Federal-Mogul Sealing Systems Limited

Federal-Mogul Shoreham Limited

Fincham Contracts Limited

Finches of London Limited

First Lanoitan Limited

First National Group Plc

Fisher & Townsend (Builders) Limited

Fisons Erba Science(UK) Limited

Fisons Limited

Flexaire Limited

Flowline Kitchens International Ltd

Foley Services Limited

Ford Motor Company Limited

Fordham Brothers Limited

Forest Industries Limited

Formpart Limited

Fortafix Limited

Fosroc Construction Chemicals Limited

Fosroc Expandite Limited

Fosroc Limited

Foster Wheeler (London) Limited

Foster Wheeler John Brown Land Boilers Consortium

Foster Wheeler Limited

Fosters Power Piping Limited

Four Seasons Limited

Fowler Limited

Fram Reinforced Concrete Co Limited (The)

Frank Goodwin Pipework

Frank W Clifford Limited

Fraser & Fraser (Water & Waste) Limited

Fraser & Fraser Limited

Frederick Sage & Company Limited

Freemans (London SW9) Limited

French Kier Limited

Frost Asbestos Removal Limited

"Frost" Asbestos Removal Limited

Fujitsu Services Limited

Fullers (Builders) Limited

Furness Withy (Stevedoring) Limited

FW (Holdings) Limited


G N Haden and Sons Limited

G Pearson (Steamfitters) Limited

G Townsend Limited

G W H ildtch (Dismantling Contractors) Limited

G. Pidduck & Company Limited

G.A. Harvey & Co. (London) Limited

G.A.Rattray Limited

G.E.Wallis & Sons (Electrical) Limited

G.F.E. Bartlett (Property) Limited

G.Pittaway Limited

G.R.Carr (Essex) Limited

Gamefine Limited

Gardiner, Sons & Co. Limited

Gardner Thermal Engineers Limited

Gartrell & Company Limited

GB Insulations LImited

GEC Alsthom (M&I) Limited

Gee Walker & Slater Limited

General Domestic Appliances Limited

General Heating (Aylesbury) Limited

General Industrial Roofing & Construction Co. Ltd

General Plasterers Limited

General Thermal Insulations Limited

Geo. Hodges & Son Limited

George E. Taylor & Co. Limited

George Baker & Sons (Millwall) Limited

George Clark & N.E.M. Limited

George Clarke & NEM Limited

George Hartwell Limited

George Little Limited

George Pearson & Company (Steamfitters)

George S. Hall Limited

George Wimpey PLC

Giltspur Limited

Gitspur Bullens Distribution Limited

GJPF Industrial Services Limited

GKN Holdings Plc

Glaxo Wellcome UK Ltd

Global Enterprises Limited

Gloxinia Limited

Glynwed Overseas Holdings Limited

GN Haden & Sons Limited

Gnitrow Ltd

Goff Bros Limited

Goodearl Risboro' Limited

Goodlass Wall & Company, Limited

Goodman for Steel Holding Limited

Goodmayes Insulations Limited

Goodshelter Holdings Limited

Goole Shipbuilders Limited

Gordon (Thermal Insulations) Limited (The)

Gorleston Paper Sacks Limited

Govan Shipbuilders Limited

Gowy Fabrications Limited

Grangemouth Dockyard Limited

Grangewood Plastic Packaging Limited

Gratte Brothers Limited

Grayson Rollo & Clover Docks Limited

Green & Smith Limited

Greengate & Irwell Limited

Greenham and Sons (Basildon) Limited

Greenwell Dry Docks Limited

Greenwich Insulation Company Limited (The)

Grenfell Heating Co. Limited

Grierson Limited

Grisdale & Barton Limited

GT Crouch Limited

Gyproc Insulation Limited

Gyproc Limited


H & E Waters Limited

H H Robertson (UK) Limited

H Shawyer & Sons Limited

H W Sladden and Company Limited

H. E. Moss & Co. Limited

H. G. Miles Lmited

H. Humphrey & Co. Limited

H. J. Cash & Co. Limited

H. Langdon & Son (Chatham) Limited

H. N. Edwards and Partners Limited

H.A.T. Cleaning Services Limited

H.Crussell, Limited

H.D.Bowyer (Builders) Limited

H.D.Thornton & Co. Limited

H.E. Moss & Company Limited

H.Hunt Limited

H.Munson Limited

H.P.Dick & Sons (Demolition) Limited

H.R.Middleton & Company, Limited

H.W. Nevill (Sunblest) Limited

Haden Building Services Limited

Hale Construction Company Limited

Halford Jarvis & Co. Limited

Hall & Tawse Group Limited

Hall and Co Ltd

Hall Thermotank Limited

Hallite Seals International Limited

Hall-Thermotank Group Services Limited

Hallwick Properties Limited

Halse & Sons Limited

Halsen Asbestos & Engineering Company Limited

Halsen Insulation & Engineering Company Limited

Hammerson Plc

Hammond and Miles Limited

Hanson PLC

Hardings Shopfitters Limited

Hargreaves Fuel & Shipping Limited

Harland and Wolff Plc

Harman Plastics & Engineering Limited

Harold Wood Plating Works Limited

Harrison Heating (East Anglia) Limited

Harrisons Woodworking Machines Limited

Harry Fairclough Limited

Harry Neal Limited

Harwood Mill

Hawker Siddeley Aviation Limited

Hawker Siddeley Rail Projects Limited

Hawker Siddely Group Limited

Hawkins & Holmes Limited

Hawthorn Leslie (Engineers) Limited

Haydon Insulations Limited

Haymills (Contractors) Limited

Haynes Brothers Limited

Hays Holdings Limited

Head Wirghtson Process Engineering Limited

Headway Construction (Welwyn) Limited

Heat Cold & Sound Insulations Limited

Heat Efficiency Limited

Heating & General Engineering Company (Catford)Limited

Heavyside Builders Merchants & Plant

Hedinair Limited

Henlys Limited

Henry Edie & Company Limited

Henry Musker & Company Limited

Henry Nelson Limited

Henry S.Tett & Co.Limited

Henry White & Son Limited

Hepworth Domestic Heating Limited

Herbert Richardson & Sons Limited

Hertel (UK) Limited

Hertfordshire BTR Limited

Hessle Foam Products Company Limited

Hexagon of Highgate Limited

Heyman Construction Limited

Hiberna Limited

Higgins and Cattle Limited

High Pressure Spraying & Painting Company The)

Hill Construction Company (Engineers) Limited

Hills of Shoeburyness Limited

Hinton Jones (Engineeers) Limited

Hiscock Bros Limited

HL Stott (Shopfitters) Limited

HMG.2 Limited

HMG.3 Limited

HMH Process Engineering & Services Limiteed

Hobbs & Knight Limited

Hobbs & Smith Limited

Hockey Insulation Company Limited (The)

Hodgson & Hodgson Ltd.

Holland, Hannen & Cubitts Limited

Holloway Brothers Limited

Holloway White Allom Limited

Holman & Sons Electricians limited

Home Office (The)

Homeland Motors Limited

Homeserve Servowarm Limited

Hooham Limited

Hooper & Adlard Limited

Horace W. Cullum & Co. Limited

Horsepower Limted

Hotchkiss Group Limited

Hotchkiss Limited

Hotpoint Sales Limited

Hotwork Heat Treatment Limited

Hovey Antwerp Limited

How Engineering Services Northern Limited

Howard Doris Structures Limited

Howard Rotavator Company Limited

Howards & Company (Brentwood) Limited

Howards of Mitcham Holdings PLC

Howden Sirocco Limited

Huggett & Matthews Limited

Hugh Douglas Limited

Hulse & Sons Limited

Humphrey & Grey (Lighterage) Limited

Humphreys & Glasgow Limited

Humphries Film Laboratories Limited

Hunting & Son Limited

Hutchinson Engineering Limited

Hutton (Developments) Limited

HW Bunyon (Bunyon Brothers)

HW Sladden & Company Limited

Hyundai Parts and Service Limited


I E S Limited

I G Realisations Limited

Icon Warne Limited

Ideal Homes Holdings Limited

Ideal Homes Southern Limited

Iggesund Paperboard (Workington) Limited

Ilford Imaging UK Limited

Imet Six Limited

Imet Two Limited


IMI Yorkshire Copper East Tube Limited

Imperial Chemical Industries PLC

Inco Europe Limited

Indulex Engineering Company Limited

Industrial Building and Maintenance Limited

Industrial Engineering Limited

Industrial Thermair Limited

Initial Healthcare Services Limited

Institute of Food Research

Insulations (Plant And Structural) Limited

Interface Europe Limited

International Combustion (Holdings) Limited

Interserve Plc

Invensys PLC

Investable Limited

Ipswich Insulations Limited

Irish Arc Welding Company Limited

Ivor Newton & Sons


J & E Hall (1900) Limited

J & E Hall Limited

J & F May Limited

J & J Dean Limited

J & W Mayer Limited

J A Dumayne & Company Limited

J B Howie Limited

J E D Insulations Limited

J Hayes & Co (Engineers) Limited

J Jefferies & Sons Limited

J Kilburn (Plumbers) Limited

J Kirklady & Son (Southampton) Limited

J T Leake and company Limited

J Thompson (Int) Limited

J Thorp and Sons Limited

J Warren (Boiler Scalers) Limited

J Wonter-Smith Gray & Company Limited

J. Ainscow (Heating) Limited

J. Baxter & Company Limited

J. D. Insulating Company Limited

"J.D." Insulating Company Limited

J. Jarvis & Sons Limited

J. Lyons & Company Limited

J. Martin (Brockley) Limited

J. Russell & Co (Liverpool) Limited

J. S. Starness & Sons Limited

J. Warren (Boiler Scalers) Limited

J.&W.Mayer Limited

J.Breheny Contractors Limited

J.C.Elkington Limited

J.C.Spooner & Son Limited

J.C.Spooner (Heating) Limited

J.C.Toogood (Holdings) Limited

J.D. Insulating Company Limited


J.E.Leaney Limited

J.E.Lucah (Building & Civil Engineering Contractors) Limited

J.E.Lucas Limited

J.Gardner Holdings Limited

J.H. Birtwistle & Company (Manchester)

J.H. Birtwistle & Company Limited

J.H. Birtwistle 7 Company (Manufactuers)

J.H. Birtwistle Limited

J.H. Hutchison (Plumbing) Limited

J.H. Plant Limited

J.H. Watson

J.H.Hutchison (Plumbing) Limited

J.L.Smith Limited

J.L.Stanley & Company Limited

J.M.Hill & Sons Limited

J.Murphy & Sons Limited

J.N.Henderson Limited

J.P.Electrical Contractors Limited

J.P.Knight Limited

J.R. Tickner Limited

J.W.Green (Painters) Limited

Jackson Insulation Limited

Jacobs Holdings Plc

James Johnstone (Insulation Contractors) Limited

James Latham Plc

James Longley & Co. Limited

James Mercer (Preston) Limited

James Robertson & Sons (Fleetwood)

James Scott Environment Services Limited

James Scott Limited

James Stewart (Shopfitters) Limited

James Walker (Insulators) Limited

James Walker Group Limited

James Walker Metaflex Limited

Jayrack Limited

JD Insulating Company Limited

Jean Constance Norton Limited

Jenkins (Electrical) Limited

Jessups Motor Group

John Bland (Specialists) Limited

John Brown & Co (Clydebank) Limited

John Brown Engineering Gas Turbines Limited

John Brown Engineers & Constructors Limited

John Brown Engineers&Constructors(Portsmouth)Ltd

John Brown Land Boilers Limited

John C. Sargeant Limited

John Collier Tailoring Limited

John Crown & Sons Limited

John Duckworth & Company Limited

John G Austin (Ilford) Limited

John Greenwood & Co. Ltd.

John Hunt Limited

John Knight Limited

John L Wright (Dagenham) Limited

John Laing & Son Limited

John Laing & Son Limited

John Laing Construction Limited

John Laing International Limited

John Laing PLC

John Lee (Sacks) Limited

John Lee Steel Services Limited

John Mowlem & Company Plc

John Mowlem Homes Limited

John Pritchard & Sons Ltd.

John Redhead & Sons Limited

John Thompson (Design & Contracting Division) Ltd

John Thompson (Pressure Vessel Division)

John Thompson Limited

Johnson & Booth Limited

Johnson & Phillips Limited

Jones Lang Wootton

Jonylon Limited

Joseph Nadin Limited

Jostasan Limited

JS Miller & Company Limited

JW Roberts Limited

JWC (1947) Limited


K & D Joinery

K U F Limited

K.C. Insulation Limited

K.D.K Welding & Construction Limited

K.W.B. Roofing Company Limited

Keating & Rumens Limited

Keith Nelson & Company Limited

Kellogg International Corporation

Kelsey Industries

Kendrick Computing Plc

Kent Kraft Estates Limited

Kershaw Mechanical Services Limited

Kier CB Limited

Kier Group Plc

Kilard Limited

Killby & Gayford Limited

Kincaid Limited

Kinghart Limited

Kings Permanent Buildings Limited

Kingsway Group PLC

Kingsway Nurseries Limited

Kinkia Limited

Kinnear Moodie & Co Ltd

Kirk & Kirk Limited

Kirkby Manufacturing & Engineering Co. Limited

Kirrane Motors Limited

Kitson's Sheet Metal Limited

Knightsbridge Contractors Limited

Kodak Limited

Kvaerner Construction Limited

Kvaerner E&C Plc

Kvaerner E&C UK Limited

Kvaerner Engineering & Construction UK Limited

Kvaerner Kincaid Limited

Kvaerner PLC

Kwiktherm Limited

Kyle Stewart Holdings Limited

K & D Joinery

K U F Limited

K.C. Insulation Limited

K.D.K Welding & Construction Limited

K.W.B. Roofing Company Limited

Keating & Rumens Limited

Keith Nelson & Company Limited

Kellogg International Corporation

Kelsey Industries

Kendrick Computing Plc

Kent Kraft Estates Limited

Kershaw Mechanical Services Limited

Kier CB Limited

Kier Group Plc

Kilard Limited

Killby & Gayford Limited

Kincaid Limited

Kinghart Limited

Kings Permanent Buildings Limited

Kingsway Group PLC

Kingsway Nurseries Limited

Kinkia Limited

Kinnear Moodie & Co Ltd

Kirk & Kirk Limited

Kirkby Manufacturing & Engineering Co. Limited

Kirrane Motors Limited

Kitson's Sheet Metal Limited

Knightsbridge Contractors Limited

Kodak Limited

Kvaerner Construction Limited

Kvaerner E&C Plc

Kvaerner E&C UK Limited

Kvaerner Engineering & Construction UK Limited

Kvaerner Kincaid Limited

Kvaerner PLC

Kwiktherm Limited

Kyle Stewart Holdings Limited


L & A Freeman Limited

L & M (Heating ) Supplies Limited

L & M Installations Limited

L & M Limited

L & M Limited

L Culleton

L Whittaker (Northern) Limited

L. Rose & Co., Limited

L.F.Davis (Builders) Limited

L.G.D Ship Repairs Limited

L.M. Insulation Limited

L.T.Hall & Co Limited

Laird Group PLC (The)

Lakers Mechanical Services Limited

Lamport & Holt Line Limited

Laporte Chemicals Limited

Lapwood & Jolley Limited

Larkgrade Limited

Lazdan (Demolition Contractors) Limited

Leecoln Limited

Leftley Brothers Limited

Leightons (Contractors) Limited

LEJ Limited

Lenval Essex Limited

Lenval Limited

Leper Engineerring Limited

Lexham Industrial Limited

Lifeplayer Limited

Lift and Hoist (Services) Limited

Lilley-Waddington Limited

Limmer & Trinidad (International) Company Limited

Lindsey Engineering Company Limited

Lindustries (D) Limited

Lindustries Limited

Linotype & Machinery Limited

Lintsgress Limited

Lion Stamping Company Limited

Liskan Mechanical Services

Liskan Mechanical Services Limited

Liverpool and London Steamship Potection and Indemnity Association Limited (The)

LN Whiteley & Sons Limited

Locke & Soares Limited

Lodge Cottrell Limited

Lolamond Limited

Lombard Leasing Services Limited

London & Tilbury Dry Docks Company (The)

London and Midland Insulation co. Limited

London and Southampton Stevedoring Company Limited

London and Tilbury Dry Docks Company Limited (The)

London Borough of Bromley

London Borough of Newham

London Country Bus Services Limited

London Covering Company Limited

London Graving Dock (Industrial ) Limited

London Graving Dock Company Limited (The)

London Insulations (Plaistow) Limited

London Midland and Scottish Railway

London Pensions Fund Authority

London Scaling Company Limited (The)

London Welding Company Limited (The)

Lorival Plastics Limited

Lorne Stewart (Northern) Limited

Lorne Stewart (UK) Limited

Lovell Special Products Limited

Loweth Limited

LRC Products Limited

Lubricants UK Limited

Lucas Electrical Limited

Lyons Tetley Limited


M. J. I. Corporation Plc (The)

M. W. Kellogg Limited

M.Barrett Limited

M.C.Swindon Realisations Limited

M.J. Cooksey Limited

M.J.Gleeson Group Public Limited Company

Magnesia & Asbestos Insulations Limited

Magnox Electric Limited

Maidstone Glass Company Limited

Malcolm and Allan London Limited

Manchester Armature Limited

Manchester Dry Docks Limited

Manchester Liners Limited

Manchester Print and Packiing Limited

Manchester Ship Canal Company Limited

Mander & Germain Limited

Manganese Bronze Property Services Limited

Mann Egerton and Company Limited

Mann-Reddington Group Limited

Manor Joinery Limited

Manotonello Limited

Mansfield (Hove) Limited

Marconi (Twenty Two) Limited

Marconi (WCGL) Limited

Maritime Simulation Limited

Marley (U.K.) Limited

Marley Limited

Marley Waterproofing Limited

Marlmanda Engineering Limited

Marpaul London Limited

Marshall (Builders Elland) Limited

Mather & Platt Limited

Matthew Hall (1992) Plc

Matuba Property Trading Company Limited

Mayers (Insulations) Limited

MBL(1991) Limited

McAlpine & Company Limited

McAndrew Wormald & Company Limited

McGill Insulation Group Limited

McGoff & Vickers Limited

McLaughlin & Harvey PLC

MDA (1986) Limited

MDA Morley Limited

Meccano Triang Limited


Medkins Limited

Medway Insulations Limited

Medway Property Limited

Meggit Overseas Limited

Meggitt Properties PLC

Mellowford Services Limited

Mepel Company Limited

Mercantile Dry Dock Company Limited (The)

Merck Chemicals Limited

Meritglen Limited

Merris Engineering Co. Limited

Merrol and Company (Engineers) Limited

Merrol Fire Protection Engineers Limited

Mersey Docks & Harbour Company (The)

Mersey Insulation Company Limited (The)

Merseyside Ship Repairs

Metadonic (Engineers) Limited

Metric Components Plc

Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Company Limited

Meyer 4 Limited

Meyer International Timber Merchants Limited

Michael Broughton Limited

Mickleover Transport Limited

Mid Tyne Ferries Limited

Middle Docks & Engineering Company Limited (The)

Middleton Sheet Metal Co. Limited

Midland Woodworking Company Limited

Midlands Co-operative Society Limited

Milaglow Limited

Miles Redfern Limited

Millars Machinery Company

Miller Insulation & Engineering Limited

Millhey Limited

Mills & Knight Limited

Mills and Douglas (Builders) Limited

Milray Industrial Limited

Minerva Fire Defence Limited

Ministry of Defence

Mintex (Exports) Limited

Mintex Don Limited

Mintex Limited

Mirmakin Limited

Mirror Group Limited

Mitchell Brothers Sons, and Company Limited

Mitchell Brothers, Sons & Co Ltd

Mitchell Construction Kinnear Moodie Group Limited (The)

Mitchell Engineering Limited

Mitsui Babcock Energy Limited

Mitsui Babcock Energy Limited

Mobil Oil Company Limited

Mobile Engineering Limited

Modern Insulation and Engineering Company Limited

Modular Construction Limited

Monson Motors Limited

Moons Motors Limited

Moorcroft Construction (Luton) Limited

Moore's Presto Motor Works Limited

Morelight (Electrical Contractors) Limited

Morewood - Hill Limited

Morgan (Custom Interiors) Limited

Morgan Asbestos & Insulation Company Limited

Morgan Heating Services limited

Morganite Carbon Limited

Morris & Jacombs Limited

Mortimer, Gall & Company Limited

Moss & Gamble Brothers Limited

Moveable Dry Wall Construction Limited

Mowcliff Limited

M-Real New Thames Limited

Mullen & Lumsden, Limited

Murex Limited

Murray Construction PLC


N C Peet (Insulation & Construction) Ltd

N.Wallbridge Limited

National Grid Electricity Transmission Plc

National Grid Gas Plc

National Grid Transco Plc

National Starch & Chemical (Holdings) Limited

National Vulcan Engineering Insurance

National Vulcan Engineering Insurance Group Ltd

Nazestar Limited

Neath Steel Sheet and Galvanising Company Limited (The)

NEI Clarke Chapman Limited

NEI Innternational Limited

NEI International Limited

NEI Parsons Limited

NEI Projects (India) Limited

Neil & Spencer Limited

Nestle Holdings (UK) PLC

Neuron (Thermal Engineering) Limited

New Century Group Limited

New Ducts Limited

New Northfleet Paper Mills Limited (The)

Newalls Insulation Company Limited

Newman Insulations Limited

Newtown Steelwork Company Limited

NFC No 4 Limited

Nicholls & Shoosmith, Limited

Nodit Limited

Norbury Ducting Services Limited

Norbury Insulation Company Limited

Norbury Insulation Group Limited

Norcross Limited

Normand Limited

Norse Merchant Ferries Limited

Nortec Contracting Limited

North East Coast Contractors Limited

North East Coast Ship Repairers Limited

North East Shipbuilders Limited

North West Tank Cleaners Limited

Northborough Investment Trust Limited

Northern Insulation Company (Stockton) Limited

Northumbrian Engineering Limited

Norwich Insulations (Fibre Spray) Limited

Npower Limited


O.M.D.M Limited

O.T.P. Holdings Limited

Oce (UK) Limited

Ocean Group PLC

Official Disc Company Limited (The)

OOCL (UK) Limited

Opalsource Limited

Optimum Building Contractors Limited

Orchard Dock Services Limited

Orient Steam Navigation Company Limited

Otford Group Limited

Otis Limited

Otis Plc


P & O Bulk Shipping Limited

P & O Scottish Ferries Limited

P Limited

P Pike & Partners LIMITED

P&O New Zealand Limited

P. B. Gorton Limited

P. J. Barwick & Sons Limited

P.G. Evans & Sons Limited

P.G.J.French Limited

Palm Line Limited

Paramount Bagwash Company Limited

Park Lane Hotel Limited (The)

Park Sectional Insulating Company Limited

Parker Winder & Achurch Limited

Parkiner Properties Limited

Parkinsons (Wall Tiling) Limited

Parlcroft Limited

Parnall & Sons Limited

Parrish Burroughs Limited

Parry's (Electrical Engineers) Limited

Parsons Marine Turbine Company Limited

Paul Frost Limited

Payen (Europe) Limited

PBH (UK) Limited


Pearce Construction (Midland) Limited

Pebblecote (Holdings) Limited

Pebblecote Products (Sussex) Limited

Peirson and Co limited

Peirson and Company (Engineering) Limited

Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (The)

Perenco (Long Acre) Limited

Perforations Limited

Perkin-Elmer Limited

Permacell Finese Limited

Peter Lind & Company Limited

Petersons Joinery

Pfizer Limited

PHG Realisation 003 Limited

Phoenix Electrical Company Limited

Phoenix Preservation Limited

Phoenix Timber Group Plc (The)

Pilgrim Payne & Company Limited

Pinewood Studios Limited

Pinnacle Insulation Limited

Pinnacle Services Limited

Pipe House Wharf (Swansea) Limited

Pipework Nominee Company (No 1) Limited

Planned Maintenance Engineering Limited

Plastsport Limited

Platt Insulation Limtied

Platt Saco Lowell Limited

Plessey Company Limited (The)

Plumefern Limited

Poets Fleet Management Limited

Polybulk Limited

Polygum Limited

Poor Servants of the Mother of God (The)

Port Documentation Services Limited

Port Isaac Powerboats Limited

Port Line Limited

Port of Liverpool Stevedoring Company

Port of London Authority

Possfund (Centre) Limited

Post Office

Power Insulating Co Limited

Powergen Limited

Powergen UK Plc

Precision Moulded Products (Essex) Limited

Predart Limited

Premier French Polishing Co. Limited

Premier Insulations Limited

Prescot (No.1) Limited

Press Construction Limited

Prices Tailors Limited

Prime of Cambridge Limited

Prime Sites (Holdings) Ltd

Printar Industries Limited

Priory Healthcare Limited

Priory Roehampton Limited (The)

Pritchett & Gold Batteries (Eastern) Limited

Proctor & Gamble Limited

Prospect Engineering Limited

Pye Wharfingers Limited

Pyrotek Engineering Materials Limited


Quasi-Arc Limited


R & J Evans Limited

R & W Hawthorn, Leslie & Company Limited

R. Harris & Son (Braunton Builders) Limited

R. Harris & Son (Concrete) Limited

R. Harris (Plant Hire) Limited

R. McIvor & Sons Limited

R. Neck & Son Limited

R. Shillabeer & Sons Limited

R.Draper (Builders) Limited

R.E.Webb & Co. Limited

R.G. Symonds (Gosport) Limited

R.J.Barwick & Sons Limited

R.J.Barwick & Sons Limited

R.M.W.S. Group Limited

R.Mansell Limited

R.Passmore & Company Limited

R.S. Dalgliesh Limited

RA Predecessor Limited

RA Predecessor Upholstery Limited

Raine PLC

Rankcourt Limited

Rapid Thermal Insulation Services Limited

Rashleigh Phipps & Company Limited

RAV (Brentford) Limited

Raven Property Group Limited

Rayner & Bullen

Rayner and Bullen Limited

RBB Refractory Engineers Limited

Read & Partners Limited

Reading Interior Finishings Limited

Reading Roofing Company Limited

Reading Thermal Insulation Co Limited (The)

Rebecca Harte & Co Limited

Reddan Contractors Limited

Redland Minerals Limited

Redpath Dorman Long Limited

Reed Elsevier Plc

Regent Insulation Co Limited

Regent Petroleum Tank Ships Company

Reppac Pipes Limited

Representative Body of the Church in Wales (The)

Republic Technologies (UK) Limited

Revelpower Limited

Rex Insulation Co. Limited

Rexam PLC

Reycol SVC Limited

Ricca, Simon & Associates Limited

Richard Dunston (Hessle) Limited

Richardsons Westgarth plc

Ridgeway Contractors Limited

Rilmac (Insulation) Limited

Ringley Oak Properties Limited

Rio Tinto Estates Limited

Rio Tinto PLC

Risdon Venesta International Limited

Riva & Mariani Insulation Limited

River Thames Shiprepairs Limited

RMC Surfacing Limited

Roberts & Burling Limited

Roberts Adlard Limited

Robinson Estates Limited

Robsons Border Transport Limited

Rodell Mechanical Services Limited

Roe Bros. (Grays) Limited

Roger Newton

Rokstarr Motors Limited

Rolfe Bros (a firm)

Rolls Royce Industrial Power (India) Limited

Rolls Royce PLC

Ronnie Carston Insulations Limited

Rooff Group Limited (The)

Roofing Renovations & Lining Co. Limited

Roofzone Limited

Rosser and Russell Building Services Limited

Roundway (HHC) Limited

Rover Company Limited (The)

Royal Horticultural Society (The)

Royal Mail Lines Limited

Royal Msil Group Limited

Royal Ordnance PLC

Royce Electric Furnaces Limited

RTZ Corporation PLC (The)

RTZ Estates Limited

Rubber Regenerating Company Limited (The)

Ruberoid (Realisations) Limited

Rubery, Owen & Co. Limited

Russell Black (Services) Limited

Russell Building & Contracting Company Limited (The)

RWE Npower Plc

Rye- Arc Limited


S C Cheadle Hulme Limited

S&S Insulation Co

S. Parsons & Company Limited

S. Wernick & Sons Limited

S.G.Smith (Motors) Limited

S.Hickinbottom & Sons Limited

S.J. Frith & Son Limited

S.M.McCarthy & Son Limited

S.M.P.Company Limited

S.M.W.Manufacturing Company Limited

Samuel Courtauld & Co.,Limited

Samuel Hodge Limited

Samuelson Group Limited

Sanders And Forster Limited

Sapsford (Developments) Limited

Sarum Auto Electrical Services

SAS Holdings Limited

Saunder and Taylor Limited

SCA Euroliner Limited

Scaffolding (Evans of Bow) Limited

Scintillex Limited

Scott & Wright Limited

Scott Gaskell Limited

Scotts (St. Helens) Limited

Scruttons Security Group Limited

Scruttons Security Group Limited

Scruttons Security Limited

Seamark Switches Limited

Secomastic Limited

Seemark Switches Limited

Serco-Ryan (No. 2) Limited

Sergeants (Hanworth) Limited

SGB Services plc

Shape Engineering Limited

Shaw Savill & Albion Company Limited

Sheet Metal Workers Limited

Sheffield Insulations Limited

Shell Chemical UK Limited

Shell Distributor (Holdings) Limited

Shell Tankers (U.K.) Limited

Shell U.K. Limited

Shipbuilding Publications Limited

Shop & Store Planners Limited

Shsegl Realisations Limited

Sidney B. Gilbert Limited

Siebe Gorman (Southern) Limited

Siebe Gorman and Company Limited

Sika Contracts Limited

Sika Limited

Simmons & Hawker Limited

Simon-Carves limtied

Simpkin Machin & Company Limited

Sir Alfred McAlpine & Sons Limited

Sir James Laing Holdings Limited

Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons (Construction) Limited

Sir Robert McAlpine Limited

Sirycon Limited

Skilmas Limited

SKW Metals UK Limited

SL (Thermal Insulation) Contracts & Supplies Co. Limited

Slater Insulations Limited

Slough Thermal Insulation Services (a firm)

Slough Thermal Insulation Services Limited

Smith & Nephew PLC

Smith & Nephew Research Limited

Smith and Partners Limited

Smithkline Beecham PLC

Smith's Dock Limited

Smiths Group Plc

Smiths News Trading Limited

Sneath Group (Holdings) Limited

Soab (UK) Limited

Solarhall Limited

Somesystem Limited

Somewatch Limited

SOS Group (The)

South Bank Insulation Company Limited

South Humberside Insulation Company

South Humberside Thermal Insulation

South West Woodcraft Limited

Southern Insulation (Medway) Limited

Sovereign Industries Limited

Sparrows Limited

Spencer, Burchett & Co. Limited

Sperry Gyroscope Company Limited

Spiraflite Limited

Spousal (London) Limited

Spousal (Midlands) Limited

Sprayed Insulations Limited

STA Associates Limited

Stag Line Limited

Standard Life Assurance Company (The)

Stantons (Weybridge) Limited

Star Ceilings Limited

Statco Six Limited


Stegvale Limited

Stena Line Limited

Stephens & Carter, Limited

Stephenson Maintenance Limited

Stevens & Crabtree (Forest Gate) Limited

Stevens & Crabtree (Forestgate) Limited

Stewarts and Lloyds Limited

Stitson White & Company Limited

Stitson White Services Limited

Stockco (No.100) Limited

Stone & Company (Bristol), Limited

Stone Overseas Holdings limited

Stone-Platt Crawley Limited

Strand Hotels Limited

Stringer Guymer & Taylor Limited

Stuart Forbes Insulations Limited

Stuarts Insulations Limited

Stuntbrand Line Limited

Stuntbrand Mail Steamship Company Limited

Sulzer (UK) Limited

Summerfield & Sons Limited

Summit Heating Company Limited

Sun Alliance Pensions Limited

Sunblest Bakeries Limited

Sunderland Engineering Limited

Sunderland Forge Services Limited

Sunderland Magnetic Limited

Sunderland Shipbuilders Limited

Sunley Homes Limited

Superdrive Motoring Centres Limited

Surrey County Council

Survey Roofing Ltd.

Svitzer Towage Limited

Swaffer Limited

Swale Insulation & Scaling Co. Limited

Swan Hunter Group plc

Swansbrook S & S Limited

Syd Bishops & Sons (Demolition) Limited

Sykes & Son, Limited


T & N Plc

T & N Shelf Twenty-Seven Limited

T & N Shelf Twenty-Six Limited

T Clarke Public Limited Company

T I Group Limited

T R D Kebbell & Co

T Taziker & Company Limited

T Wallis Limited

T&N Shelf Five Limited

T&N Shelf Seven Limited

T&N Shelf Three Limited

T. Mileham & Sons Limited

T. H. Haskett & Son Limited

T. H. Holroyd Limited

T. McGee & Co Limited

T.F.Maltby Limited

T.H.K. Insulation Limited

T.M.C. (Asbestos Removal) Limited

T.Peppiatt & Sons Limited

T.R. Allen & Son Limited

T.W. Greenwell & Company Limited

T.W. Robinson & Co. Limited

TAC Limited

TAC Metal Forming Limited

Talbot Designs Limited

Tallbuild Limited

Tannoy Limited

Tarmac (BA) Limited

Tarmac (PA) Limited

Tarmac (RBP) Limited

Tarmac (Technical Services) Limited

Tarmac (VC) Limited

Tarmac Asphalt Limited

Tarmac Construction Limited

Tate & Lyle PLC

Tate & Lyle Industries Limited

Taylor Building Services Limited

Taylor Insulation Limited

Taylor Wimpey Plc

Taylor Woodrow - Anglian Limited

Taylor Woodrow Construction Holdings

Taylor's Modern Shopfronts Limited

TBA Industrial Products Limited

TBL Limited

Technicon Insulations Limited

Telemeter Controls Limited

Telent Plc

Tenmat Limited

Tenon Contracts Limited

Terson Limited

Tersons Limited

Teubfin Limited

Texroy Limited

TH Group Services Limited

Thales Electronics PLC

Thames Plywood Manufacturers Limited

Thames Stevedoring Co (1965) Limited

Thames Water Authority

Thames Water Limited

Thames Welding Company Limited

Thermal Heating Systems Limited

Thermotank Limited

Therm-Tite Insulation Co. Limited

Therm-Tite Insulation Co.(Derby) Limited

THK Insulation Limited

Thomas & Edge, Limited

Thomas Bates And Son Limited

Thomas Brooker & Sons Limited

Thomas Clarke & Sons (Sheffield) Limited

Thomas Harrington Limited

Thomas McDowell Limited

Thomas Platt & Sons (Widnes) Limited

Thorney Properties Limited

Thorpe Bros. (Wimbledon) Limited

Thos W Ward Limited

Three Cooks Limited

Three Counties - I.S.L. Limited

Three Mills Properties Limited

Thurrock Technical College

TI Metsec Limited

Tilbury (City) Limited

Tilbury Douglas Limited

Timber Faire Limited

Tinmat Limited

Titan Crane Limited

Titchmarsh & Goodwin

Tom Green Construction Limited

Tomkins SC6 Limited

Tool-Mation Limited

Toolpro Limited

Torridon Steel Limited

Torvale E Limited

Tottenham Steel Erection Company Limited

Townsend & Collins Garden Centre Limited

Townsend (Ins.) Ltd

Townsend Hook Group Limited

Townsend Insulations (South East) Limited

TR Creighton Limited

Trafalgar House Construction (Regions) Limited

Trafalgar House Line Limited

Trafalgar House Steam-Ship Company Limited

Trafalgar Insulation Co Limited

Transfleet Distribution Limited

Travis Perkins (Properties) Limited

Trend Communications Limited

Tretol Insulation Limited

Tretol Insulation Nottinghamshire Limited

Tricity Major Electrical Appliances Limited

Tritonsmooth Limited

Trocoll Industrial Holdings Limited

Trollope & Colls (City) Limited

Trollope & Colls Elliott Limited

Trollope & Colls Limited

Troughton & Young (Holdings) Limited

Tunnel Asbestos Cement Company Limited

Tunnel Refineries Limited

Turiff Midlands Limited

Turner Brothers Asbestos Company Limited

Turners Asbestos Cement Company Limited

TW Greenwell & Company Limited

Twyford Limited

Tyersal Combing Company (Bradford)

Tyne Shipbuilders (Naval Yard) Limited

Tyne Shiprepair Limited


UB Bridgend Three Limited

UB Group Limited

UBM Group Public Limited Company

Unimarine Limited

Union Fibre Pipes Limited

Union Insulation Company Limited

Unisys Group Services Limited

United Biscuits (UK) Limited

United Builders Merchants (UBM) Limited

United Builders Merchants Limited

United Builders Merchants Limited

United Distiller & Vintners (ER) Limited

United Glass Holdings Limited

United Glass Limited

United House Limited

United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority

Universal Asbestos Manufacturing Plastics Ltd

Universal Die Casting and Metal Co Limited

Universal Heat Services (Widford) Limited

Universal Metal Furring & Lathing Company Limited (The)

Urastone Company Limited (The)


V & A Roberts & Sons Limited

V A Tech Reyrolle Limited

V. I. Components Limted

Valor Limited

Van den Bergh Foods Limited

Vange Scaffolding and Engineering Co. Limited

Vauxhall Motors Limited

Veilcroft limited

Venesta Foils Limited

Venesta International Ltd

Venesta International Packaging Limited

Verenko Limited

Versil Limited

Vic Hallam Limited

Vickers Business Equipment Limited

Vickers Defence Systems Limited

Vickers Plc

Vickers Shipbuilding Group Limited

Vigers, Stevens & Adams Limited

Vine & Lee Limited

Vinters Properties Limited

Vinters-Armstrongs (Engineers) Limited

Vintners-Armstrong Limited

Vokins & Co. Limited

Volker Stevin Limited

Vopak Terminal Purfleet Limited

Vosper Shiprepairers Limited

Vosper Thornycroft (Training) Limited

Vosper Thornycroft (UK) Limited

VP Realisations Plc

VSEL Birkenhead Limited

Vulcan Plastics Limited

Vulcanite Limited


W A S Dursley Limited

W B Realisations Limited

W J Baker Group Limited

w j brooker

W J Brooker Limited

W. A. Taylor (Holdings) Limited

W. Badger Limited

W. M. Walker and Co Limited

W.B.Simpson & Sons Limited

W.Deakin & Company Limited

W.E.Black Limited

W.E.Hasleden & Son Limited

W.G. Wigginton Limited

W.H.Fox (Thermal Insulations) Limited

W.H.J. Alexander Limited

W.J. Cearns Limited

W.J.Baker (Builders) Limited

W.J.Baker (Contractors) Limited

W.J.Simms, Sons & Cooke Limited

W.J.Smith (Insulations) Limited

W.J.Turpin (Greenwich) Limited

W.M.Glendinnig Properties Limited

W.M.Glendinning Properties Limited

W.R.Oldham Limited

W.S. Shuttleworth (Slough) Limited

W.W.M. Company Limited

W.W.Wicker Limited

Wakefield Metal Traders Limited

Wallaby Grip Limited

Wallis Limited

Wallsend Dry Docks Limited

Wallsend Slipway Engineers

Wallsend Slipway Shiprepairers Limited

Walsall Electrical Distributors Limited

Walter Lawrence (East Anglia) Limited

Walter Lawrence Limited

Walter Llewellyn & Sons, Limited

Warren P S Limited

Warship Design Services Limited

Washington Chemical Company Limited (The)

Watch It Come Down Limited

Waterblast Limited

Wates Built Homes Limited

Watkin Heating Company Limited (The)

Watney Truman Limited

WB Industrial Ltd.

WDL Agencies Limiteed

Wear Winch & Foundry Company Limited

Weaverton (S.E.) Limited

Weir Pumps Limited

Weldtite Engineering Limited

Wembley Roofing/Ceilings Limited

West Auck No. 22 Ltd.

West Auck No.1 Limited

West Midlands Gas

West of England Enterprises Limited

West Wales Plant Hire Compoany Limited (The)

Western Insulation Company Limited

Western Shipbuilders Limited

Western Shiprepairers Limited

Westminster Dredging Company Limited

Whickham Erections Limited

White Knight Laundry Limited

Whitemarsh Limited

Whitlam Holdings Limited

Whitlam Insulation Limited

Whittaker - Tentest Limited

Whittaker-Tentest (Ceilings) Limited

Whittock Motors Limited

Wiggins Gee Group Limited

Willard Works Limited

William Denny & Brothers Limited

William Freer Limited

William J. Bushby, Limited

William Kenyon & Sons Limited

William Oldham & Sons Limited

William Steward London Limited

William Verry, Limited

Willmott Dixon Administration Limited

Willoughby (Plymouth) Limited

Wilson Lovatt & Sons Limited

Wimpey Engineering Limited

Wincanton Engineering Limited

Wintle Heating and Plumbing Limited

Wirral Thermal Insulations Limited

Wisetouch Limited

WM Latimer & Company Limited

Wm Squire Merchants Limited

Wm. Cory & Son Limited

Wm. Cory Pension,Limited

Wm. Cory Properties Limited

Wolsingham Steel Limited

Woodall Duckham Limited

Woodrow & Co (Salisbury) Limited

Woodworking Machines (Birmingham) Limited

Wright Anderson & Company Limited

Wright's Insulations Limited

Wycombe District Council

Wysepower Limited

Wyshak 1094 Limited

X & Y

Yarrow Limited

Yarrow Shipbuilders Limited

YJL London Limited

YJL Construction Limited

YJL Limited

York Linings (Insulation) Limited

Young, Austen & Young Limited


Zip Petroleum (Bramley) Limited

0 - 9

3M UK Public Holdings Company

600 Group Plc (The)

600 Leasing Limited