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Renowned as a world-class business destination, Netherlands has long been at the commercial and creative heart of Europe. In this enterprising environment, Fieldfisher offers clients a sophisticated, partner-led legal service.

Our Amsterdam office goes the extra mile for clients by offering dedicated support both domestically and internationally. Our highly experienced partners and associates advise clients on all manner of legal, regulatory and compliance issues relevant to organisations in Netherlands and the EU.

Our team is highly specialised in corporate and M&A, financecompetition, regulatorydata protection, ITintellectual propertyinsolvencydispute resolution, employment law and notarial law.   

Legal Entities Management and Supervision Act effective as per 1 July 2021

As per 1 July 2021 the Legal Entities Management and Supervision Act (LEMSA) becomes effective. As a result thereof important provisions regarding the management and supervision of among other associations and foundations change and the governance structure of the management board and supervisory board are aligned for all legal entities. In this article we explain the essential changes as a result of the LEMSA for your association or foundation.

Wet bestuur en toezicht rechtspersonen van kracht per 1 juli 2021

Op 1 juli 2021 treedt de Wet bestuur en toezicht rechtspersonen (WBTR) in werking. Als gevolg van deze wet wijzigen belangrijke regels omtrent het bestuur en toezicht van onder meer verenigingen en stichtingen, en wordt de wettelijke regeling omtrent bestuurders en commissarissen van alle rechtspersonen gelijk getrokken. In deze bijdrage bespreken wij de belangrijkste wijzigingen als gevolg van de WBTR voor uw vereniging of stichting.