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Defamation and Privacy

There is a fine line between what is right and wrong in defamation. We know that malicious and untrue rumours shouldn't have the power to instantly destroy our clients' good names. Everyone should have the right to protect his or her reputation from unjustified attacks – whether from competitors or in the press. Individuals and businesses can spend years establishing these reputations, which is why our specialist defamation team will stop at nothing to successfully defend its clients.

On the other hand, why should anyone be prevented from giving their opinion or telling the truth, even the unpalatable truth? The problem is - applying the laws of defamation and ensuring one stays on the right side of that line, is difficult. Thanks to our deep understanding of defamation law, we can offer commercial, strategic advice to ensure our clients take the best possible decision, taking their interests into account.

Notable deals and highlights

  • Our client was hours from being named in an article in a national newspaper that alleged she was about to be charged with manslaughter. It was untrue, so we got an injunction to stop it.
  • One of our clients is a member of the royal family of a European Country. We acted for them dealing with inaccurate stories on a French TV channel.
  • One of our clients was to be the subject of a very negative article in the national press. After discussions with us, the newspaper instead printed a positive article, generating free publicity for our client.
  • As a Premier League footballer, our client is a popular target for the press. We have successfully acted for him in various proceedings against newspapers and websites.
  • We acted for the claimant in the first substantive English Court decision on the issue of 'serious harm' following the introduction of the Defamation Act 2013.

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