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Inclusiveness and Diversity

At Fieldfisher we are committed to creating an inclusive workplace where everyone feels welcomed. Our Inclusiveness and Diversity (I&D) strategy is firmly rooted in Fieldfisher's overall business strategy.

The tragic events that have taken place in the US have sent ripples across the globe, sparking important conversations about racism in society and the injustice experienced within minority groups. We deplore racism of any type, against any group, and it has no place at Fieldfisher. 

As a firm we are taking the time to listen and learn from our colleagues. We already have in place a number of successful, ongoing projects. These include reverse mentoring for the leaders in our business, led by thenetwork, and our graduate recruitment Career Focus Partnership with Queen Mary University of London Law School, now entering its fourth year. Internally, we are ensuring that colleagues have a safe space to speak about their experiences and to call out anything that does not sit well with our values and I&D focus.  

the network is our internal employee group, which aims to create meaningful change through Career Development, Discussion and Outreach. the network has spearheaded our Reverse Mentoring Programme with senior leaders across the firm. 

Finally, the firm has signed up to the UK Race Fairness Commitment

SRA monitoring statistics

You can find a full breakdown of our diversity statistics below.


Gender pay gap

You can find a full breakdown of our gender pay gap report below.