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Companies may face investigations by a range of regulatory and other enforcement bodies. Sometimes, companies may choose to run an internal investigation as a result of a crisis, or because a member of staff or a third party has made allegations against the organisation or its senior executives. Any type of investigation is disruptive to business as usual and is potentially damaging for the organisation and the individuals concerned.

In the event of an investigation, our teams can work with you to assess the legal risk and carry out investigations under privilege as well as liaise with enforcement and regulatory bodies, to ensure the best possible outcome for your business, your executives and your employees. 

Where appropriate, we will carry out the investigation on your behalf, and will accompany you through the implementation of any follow-up steps, including to remedy any defects in your processes, manage your risk, or complete any necessary follow-up with employees who may be caught up in the crisis. 

We have expert resources covering all areas including anti-trust, criminal, fraud and financial crime, data breaches and cyber security, governance, health and safety, whistle blowing, discrimination, tax, inquests and inquiries. Our experts work together seamlessly to provide you with a unified solution and the best possible support through a difficult time. In addition, we will share with you our deep industry and sector expertise so that you can benefit from our experience.

Our objective is to minimize any disruption to your business; to ensure that your relationships with regulators and enforcement bodies remain productive; to help you to understand and manage your risk in a crisis; and that your employees, executives and organisation are protected before, during and after any investigation. 

We liaise with enforcement and regulatory bodies and ensure the best possible outcome for you including, where appropriate, challenging any adverse regulatory decisions. We advise you in relation to the most sensitive and business critical decisions. 

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