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Diplegic Cerebral Palsy Claims

If you or your family have been affected by sub-standard medical care causing diplegic cerebral palsy, our team of expert medical negligence solicitors can help you pursue a claim for compensation.

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What is diplegic cerebral palsy

Diplegic cerebral palsy is a form of cerebral palsy that results from damage to the parts of the brain that control muscle movements, and affects either both arms or both legs. The injuries that cause diplegic cerebral palsy can occur before, during or after birth.

Diplegic cerebral palsy signs and symptoms

Each child will display symptoms of diplegia differently, depending on the type of cerebral palsy:

  • Spastic cerebral palsy – muscles are stiff and tight (hypertonia), making movement difficult and reducing someone's range of motion
  • Ataxic cerebral palsy – impaired balance and coordination, tremors and imprecise motor skills
  • Dyskinetic cerebral palsy – involuntary movements and spasms due to muscles changing between stiffness (hypertonia) and looseness (hypotonia)
  • Mixed cerebral palsy – symptoms of one or more of the types of cerebral palsy above

Our expertise in cerebral palsy cases

We are one of the UK's leading law firms specialising in claims arising from cerebral palsy and birth injury. We successfully recover multi-million pound awards for our clients with cerebral palsy. We understand the need for patience and understanding to allow experts to fully quantify each child's needs to ensure their future wellbeing.

We are top ranked in both Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners legal directories for clinical negligence. Our team includes individuals ranked in the Legal 500 Hall of Fame, as Chambers and Partners Star Individuals, and as Leading Individuals.

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We achieve record damages for people suffering serious injury following medical negligence. Last year, we recovered more than £200m in compensation claims.


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We are ranked top tier in leading legal directories and regularly recognised in industry awards. We are accredited by APIL, panel members of AvMA and members of the Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Panel.

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