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TRUSTe and Fieldfisher Publish Whitepaper to Help Businesses Comply with EU Data Protection Requirements (1)


TRUSTe and Fieldfisher Publish Whitepaper to Help Businesses Comply with EU Data Protection Requirements

Industry Whitepaper Provides Guidance on “Cookie Sweep” Audits with Overview of EU Cookie Directive and Best Practice Solutions

San Francisco, CA – September 10, 2014 –Businesses now have a resource to help them prepare for EU’s “Cookie Sweep” audits, which are taking place September 15-19 of this year. TRUSTe, the leading data privacy management company and law firm Fieldfisher today announced the publication of a joint whitepaper, “EU Cookie Audits: Are You Ready?”

The paper provides businesses with guidance on how to comply with The EU Cookie Directive and prepare for upcoming audit inspections.

Topics covered in the whitepaper include:

  • Overview of requirements under EU Cookie Directive
  • Consumer sentiment on cookies and tracking and what they expect from businesses
  • Instructions for obtaining proper consent under different regulations
  • Summary of latest enforcement actions
  • Examples of best practice solutions
  • Guidance to ensure compliance, avoid costly warnings and fines and win the trust of European customers

“With Cookie Sweep audits quickly approaching, businesses must take immediate steps to ensure their websites and online properties are compliant with the EU Cookie Directive,” said TRUSTe CEO Chris Babel.

“Since implementations of the Directive differ significantly across countries, many companies have struggled to understand their obligations and are looking for guidance from experts. By reading this whitepaper, businesses can gain a basic understanding of what’s expected of them under EU’s Cookie Directive and learn about simple best practice solutions.”

“After several years of apparent enforcement silence, EU data protection authorities seem to have a renewed appetite to pursue cookie-related enforcement, likely spurred on by post-Snowden concerns about online surveillance. Taking this into account, a ‘wait and see’ approach to cookie compliance can only be described as the wrong strategy – businesses need to get an active grip on understanding what cookies they use and why, and implement an appropriate consent strategy to minimize their EU compliance risk,” said Phil Lee, Fieldfisher.

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