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Satellite and Space Projects News-11 Febuary'

John Worthy


United Kingdom

Welcome to our latest digest of recent news in the satellite and space projects sector.

The UK Space Agency has invited UK businesses in the space and satellite sector to apply for funding available under the Space Agency's International Partnership Space Programme (IPSP). This is the second call for bids under the IPSP, following a first call in November/December 2014.

The IPSP grants are intended to help UK satellite and space sector companies develop partnerships with emerging economies, particularly countries that do not currently have significant experience of using space or satellite technology as part of their core infrastructure. The Space Agency hopes that the programme will help to facilitate future business and trade partnerships once partner countries are in a position to acquire or enhance their own space or satellite infrastructure.

Although there are no regional restrictions, the Space Agency is particularly interested in proposals focused on South America, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific and/or nations linked with

Uk Government Newton Programme including Brazil, China, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam. Proposals for earth observation, space technology, life science and planetary science projects are preferred over projects that focus purely on navigation or communications. Applicants will need to show that their proposed project will deliver either societal or financial benefits to the partner country, with clear metrics against which the overall success of the project can be assessed.

The submission deadline is 10:00am 16th March 2015.


ISPS FAQ's document for call-2 funding

ISPS application form for call-2 funding Apply for funding: space ideas, community and educational

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