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High Court Ruling on Godstone Farm E.Coli Outbreak

High Court Ruling on Godstone Farm E.Coli Outbreak

In 2009, over 90 people contracted E.coli 0157 when visiting Godstone Farm, a petting farm in Surrey, including 76 children under the age of 10. Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP has been acting for more than 30 of the Claimants, some of who have suffered very serious health problems and may require kidney transplants in the future. 

The matter came before the High Court today to deal with the dispute between Godstone Farm, the Health Protection Agency and Tandridge District Council to decide who was liable. Mr Justice Turner confirmed Godstone Farm were wholly liable for the incident and ruled that no responsibility for the outbreak could be placed on either of the public authorities. 

We are pleased that there has been a decision for what has been a trying time for all the families involved.

Jill Greenfield said, "This is an outcome that I am sure many families will take comfort from, they will be relieved that a resolution has been found and a conclusion has been brought to what has been a long period of uncertainty." 

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