Fieldfisher advises SatVu on Revolutionary "HOTSAT-1" project, now successfully launched | Fieldfisher
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Fieldfisher advises SatVu on Revolutionary "HOTSAT-1" project, now successfully launched



United Kingdom

  • Fieldfisher's award winning Space Projects group has advised SatVu, the trailblazing climate tech company, on the successful launch of its ground-breaking thermal imaging satellite: "HOTSAT-1."
  • HOTSAT-1 has launched with SpaceX from the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California and first communication has been established.

Fieldfisher's Space Projects group advised SatVu on the project for the manufacture and launch of HOTSAT-1. Named in homage to its unique thermal imaging capabilities, HOTSAT-1 is the first satellite in their planned constellation to be launched by SatVu.

Now in orbit, SatVu’s space-enabled climate technology will provide valuable and unique insight into economic activity and energy efficiency for a range of industries aligning with global Net Zero goals.

SatVu has already secured customer commitments through its Early Access Option Programme (EAP) valued at over £128m ($160m).

Designed and manufactured in the UK in partnership with Surrey Satellite Technologies (SSTL), the teams seamlessly incorporated state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology into the design of HOTSAT-1, catapulting it to the forefront of innovation in satellite capabilities.

The Fieldfisher team was led by John Worthy, partner and head of Fieldfisher's Space Projects group, supported by Senior Associate Alex Harbin and other members of the firm's Space Projects group.

John Worthy commented: "We are delighted to have supported SatVu in creating the platform for such a valuable contribution to managing thermal emissions and delivering NetZero. It is always exciting working with clients delivering innovative solutions from space to some of the major challenges facing the earth today. At a time when climate change and environmental issues are in the headlines every day, we see many more opportunities for companies with world-leading technologies, such as SatVu, to help address these vital areas."

Anthony Baker, CEO and Founder of SatVu comments on the successful launch: “It’s a delight working with John and the Space Projects Group and it’s a pleasure to share our successes with our partners, without whom, we wouldn’t be where we are now.”

HOTSAT-1's insights will illuminate the path to energy efficiency, offering substantial cost-saving benefits to both the public and private sectors. As satellite data already contributes to 50% of all climate change metrics, the addition of SatVu's infrared dataset will be a true game-changer in monitoring the impact of human activity on the planet. From assessing heat loss in structures to measuring energy efficiency, HOTSAT-1's geospatial data will empower strategic planning to expedite the journey towards decarbonization globally.

Built by Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL), HOTSAT-1 boasts a ground-breaking 3.5m resolution mid-wave infrared imager with astonishing video capability, all while maintaining a sensitivity of less than 2 degrees Celsius. This unparalleled satellite video generation capability enables the detection of highly dynamic features and the creation of 3D profiles, facilitating a multitude of applications. From mitigating the effects of heat islands in urban centres to monitoring industrial processes, waterway pollution, ensuring energy efficiency, and assessing the health of solar farms, HOTSAT-1 is set to transform industries across the globe.

The successful launch follows SatVu's recent news regarding the successful completion of their A2 funding round, where they raised £12.7m. The company is now poised to reach its next commercial milestone, which will unlock new investment opportunities in their highly anticipated series B round.

After successful completion of the commissioning process, SatVu expects to receive first images in July and start commercial operations in October. 

SatVu's HOTSAT-1 heralds an exciting new era in thermal monitoring, unlocking a world of untapped possibilities, providing a novel tool for proactive environmental stewardship.

About SatVu 

  • Founded to capture the high-resolution thermal data from space for a safer and more sustainable earth, SatVu will use infrared technology to monitor locations on earth in near real-time to measure the impact of human activity.
  • These images will provide valuable insights into economic activity, energy efficiency and disaster response, monitoring the energy efficiency of buildings, the spread of wildfires, urban heat island effects, and water pollution.
  • SatVu aims to be the Earth’s thermometer from space. 
  • Partnered with Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd to build the satellite constellation and worked with SpaceX for the first satellite launch in June 2023, SatVu is bringing the highest resolution thermal data to enable us to see the world like never before and take critical action towards Net Zero goals.