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Charity Update 6 March 2013



United Kingdom

Charity Update 6 March 2013

New CIO application phase

Applications for CIO status are now being accepted for unincorporated charities with annual incomes over £250k.

Charity Commission

17 February 2013

VAT reimbursed for Comic Relief

The Government will use the overseas development budget to reimburse VAT on this year's Comic Relief single.

Number 10

21 February 2013

Tackling tax and regulatory issues – 'Meet us half way'

A budget submission asks the Government to meet charities half way on certain tax and regulatory aspects.

Charity Finance Group

25 February 2013

Advice on 'safer giving'

Guidance on safer charitable giving has been published.

Charity Commission

28 February 2013

Charity Commission chair to discuss tax avoidance

The chair of the Charity Commission, William Shawcross, will appear before the Public Accounts Committee to discuss tax avoidance.

Civil Society Finance

4 March 2013

Amendments to the Community Amateur Sports Clubs qualifying rules

The Government will make the Community Amateur Sports Clubs qualifying conditions clearer.

HM Revenue & Customs

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