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Charity Update - 10 April 2017



United Kingdom

Our Charity Update provides the latest tax news and developments

6 April 2017

Commission reminds housing associations of changes to the land disposal framework

The Charity Commission reminds affected charities about changes to the way in which registered providers of social housing which are registered charities must comply with Part 7 of the Charities Act 2011 with regard to disposals of land and mortgages, as well as about general duties that apply both to registered and exempt charities.

The Charity Commission  


6 April 2017

The Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme

HM Revenue & Customs updates its guidance notes on the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme.

HM Revenue & Customs  


31 March 2017

Charity Commission launches ‘time saving’ accounts templates for charitable companies

The Charity Commission launches the accounts templates pack for small charitable companies to help trustees of charitable companies with an income of under £500,000 prepare their accounts.

The Charity Commission and Companies House  

30 March 2017

Government warned against raiding charities to fund private sector apprenticeships

The Charity Finance Group and 23 of the leading national charities write to the Education Secretary calling for Government to reform the Apprenticeship Levy so that charitable funds are not used to subsidise private sector apprenticeships and are instead used to build skills in the charity sector.

Charity Finance Group  


29 March 2017

New report explains what makes a good public benefit statement

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland publishes a report which outlines what makes a good public benefit statement.

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland

23 March 2017

Commission report on the importance of keeping charity records up-to-date

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland publishes a new thematic report which details what could go wrong if charity trustees fail to keep their entry on the register of charities up-to-date.

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland  

20 March 2017

New support to boost grassroots British charities

International Development Secretary Priti Patel announces an innovative fund to support small development and humanitarian organisations.

Department for International Development, The Charity Commission, and The Rt Hon Priti Patel MP

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