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Our specialist medical negligence solicitors have secured compensation for many victims of ophthalmology negligence.

Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine dedicated to the anatomy, function and diseases of the eye. If you suffer an eye infection or eye injury following a medical procedure, you may be able to make an ophthalmology compensation claim.

Our clients have suffered a variety of eye problems and injuries as a result of an ophthalmologist's negligence, error or mistake. Our cases involve:

  • laser eye treatment for correction of long or short sightedness
  • cataract surgery, particularly concerning the pre-op consenting and counselling process
  • Management of a foreign body in eye
  • delay in diagnosis and treatment of Glaucoma
  • delay in diagnosis and treatment of eye infections
  • trauma to eyes and subsequent management
  • corneal abrasions
  • traumatic retinal detachment
  • diabetic retinopathy


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Ophthalmology compensation claim 

When a case of clinical negligence involving your eye occurs, the consequences for the patient can be severe. If there is a serious delay in diagnosis and treatment, the patient could be rendered blind and this obviously has a severe impact on the patient's life.

Our expert medical negligence team has considerable experience in dealing with a variety of these ophthalmology negligence claims and has successfully recovered damages on behalf of many clients.


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