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Delayed sepsis diagnosis caused foot and finger amputations for woman given 5% chance of survival

Gabriella Gooday and Jane Weakley secured a seven-figure settlement for a mother who suffered bilateral amputation of her forefeet and middle fingers following a delay in diagnosing sepsis at Peterborough City Hospital.

On Christmas Eve 2018, Sarah went by ambulance to A&E at Peterborough City Hospital with breathing difficulties following a bout of suspected food poisoning. On arrival, a doctor diagnosed a pulled muscle following one episode of vomiting and she was discharged home with no follow up or safety netting advice. No blood tests or an X-ray were performed.

Sarah's condition worsened and three days' later, she was blue-lighted back to Peterborough City Hospital where she was diagnosed with severe pneumonia and septic shock. She suffered multi-organ failure and was given a 5 per cent chance of survival.

She then suffered a lengthy inpatient admission, necrosis of the forefeet and middle fingers requiring amputation as well as other complications.

Gabriella obtained supportive evidence from a consultant in emergency medicine, microbiology and vascular surgery.

Following a Letter of Claim, the defendant made an early admission of liability. The defendant admitted that Sarah received negligent treatment when she attended the ED department on Christmas Eve resulting in catastrophic damage including the bilateral amputation of her forefeet and distal middle fingers.

Following the admission, we secured interim payment to allow Sarah to fund much-needed equipment and therapies.

As a result of the negligence and her subsequent injuries, Sarah relies on others for help with daily activities and domestic chores. She has to limit weight bearing due to the risk of skin breakdown and pressure bleeds and relies on orthotics and a wheelchair inside and outside the home. She has been fitted with finger prosthetics to help her participate in activities and hobbies.

Sarah will require ongoing input from medical clinicians, orthotic and prosthetic experts and therapists throughout her life as well as a care team, wheelchair accessible accommodation and a range of aids and equipment.

Gabriella instructed a series of experts to comment on the extent of the client's injuries, her prognosis and her rehabilitation and care needs in the future which helped secure the significant settlement for Sarah.

Following settlement, Sarah said: "Jane Weakley and Gabriella Gooday worked with me regarding a medical negligence claim. I cannot praise them highly enough for the compassion and professionalism they showed unstintingly during the progression and resolution of my claim. It was a challenging process but they always responded promptly and helpfully to any concerns I raised. The successful outcome of the claim will enable me to move forward with my life, able to access the resources I need."

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