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Proud to support Peeps HIE on HIE Awareness Day

Most parents make certain lifestyle changes after having a baby to make their new family dynamic work for everyone. Balancing this dynamic is even more crucial when a child is born with Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy (HIE) or other brain injury that demands a huge amount of additional care, time and emotional strength navigating a 'new normal'.

We listen to clients who are not only in the midst of investigating a negligence claim behind their child's injury, but also facing a mountain of unknowns particularly during the first weeks, and the daunting prospect of returning to work while maintaining their family unit as best they can. 

I often find that the parent returning to full-time work feels a huge sense of guilt that they are not at home with their partner and child to help with the additional care, particularly when the other parent may have decided to give up work entirely to focus on their child.  

It is vital that parents know where to find all the support they can, whether from family directly helping with childcare or from support groups who can help them know they are not alone and others are going through similar experiences.  It also helps to know how to speak to an employer about flexible working arrangements to ease the strain. 

UK charity Peeps HIE offers a range of support to HIE parents, including contact with Peer Support Volunteers, access to closed WhatsApp and Facebook groups including other parents who can share advice and experiences, and offer support with funding for equipment to ease some of the financial burden.

From speaking to clients, being able to find help from others who have 'been there and done it' is absolutely vital.  Peeps HIE offers a valuable lifeline to these families. All of us at Fieldfisher are proud to support their work.

You can read more about Peeps HIE here

How the Court of Protection team supports families affected by HIE

Fieldfisher's Court of Protection team works closely with clients and their families affected by HIE. We generally get involved early in the litigation process and maintain strong relationships with them throughout the claims process and beyond.

Our aim is to ensure that the client and family receive the most comprehensive support possible, including help accessing case managers, carers and support teams, and helping to find suitable property, or adapting an existing home. 

We are also involved in making complex applications to the Court of Protection to ensure any damage awards are used in the client's best interests.

Our initial meetings with the family confirms what support is already in place, identifies any additional support needed and to get a plan in place to alleviate any potential stresses as far as possible. 

We are the point of call for all the professionals involved in a case and we collaborate closely with litigators and other parties. Post-settlement we are always on hand to ensure that damages awarded to the client are used effectively and in their best interests for life. 

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