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Our medical negligence solicitors specialise in keyhole surgery (laparoscopy) claims. Our specialist solicitors have won compensation for many clients who have suffered injuries as a result of keyhole surgery negligence.


What is keyhole surgery?

Keyhole Surgery is carried out using a laparoscope, which is a tiny camera that is inserted into the body, usually through the stomach. It provides a surgeon with video images to enable keyhole surgery to be carried out on vital internal organs, such as the gall bladder, the bowel or reproductive organs.

Surgery is carried out without having to make a large incision. During the procedure a small metal tube is inserted and, using a telescope along with the video camera, the surgeon views the operation procedure on screen. The procedure is then carried out by inserting cutting tools. 

It is exciting technology, and in skilled hands, can offer great benefits for the patient in reducing the level of surgery involved and the amount of recovery time needed.


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Keyhole surgery/laparoscopic error

Keyhole surgery can go wrong, for example, there is the reported case of the wrong part of a bile duct being cut during a routine gall bladder operation whilst using laparoscopic techniques.

Other errors arise when the surgeon cuts too deep causing a puncture or perforation and damages other internal tissues. Whilst perforation is a recognised risk of keyhole surgery many injuries are nevertheless caused by negligence and heavy handedness.

Serious complications and fatalities arising as a result of laparoscopy techniques have increased in line with the dramatic rise in the use of this procedure. The general public sees numerous advantages in keyhole surgery not least of which is a lessening in pain and suffering and substantial reduction in recovery time.

Although there are very well established methods for the physical procedure of these operations what is less well known is that because of the nature of blind entry into the body, mistakes which may be made as a result of an error of judgement can have serious and sometimes fatal consequences. Most laparoscopy claims arise as a result of damage to the bowel, bladder and blood vessels often through use of electro surgery to coagulate, cut and dissect.

The laparoscopy procedure involves making incisions to insert a fibre optic camera into the body which transmits live pictures of the procedure onto screens in the operating theatre. The camera is subsequently used to guide the surgical instruments around the inside of the body. The most dangerous part of the procedure relates to the initial insertion of the camera as this must be done blind and at that point there is a risk of unintended physical damage especially if there is unusual body anatomy. If a surgeon fails to follow tried and tested laparoscopy protocols intended to reduce the risk of accidental damage he may be liable in negligence to pay compensation for any injury.


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