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Our medical negligence solicitors specialise in intensive care claims. Our specialist solicitors have won many cases for clients who have suffered injuries while being treated in an intensive care unit, also known as intensive treatment unit.

Patients who are being treated in an intensive care unit (ICU) are very ill. Small medical mistakes or accidents can have catastrophic consequences. Patients may be left with severe life-altering injuries and, sometimes, negligent errors can result in a patient's death and a fatal claim will be taken on behalf of the deceased.


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These cases are not straightforward. The severity of the underlying illness may impact on the case against the hospital, as if a patient was very sick, the outcome (injury or death) may have been the same even if there was no error. 

Causation is often difficult to prove but our dedicated team have the knowledge and experience to successfully pursue intensive care negligence cases.

The care that is received in an intensive care unit is not beyond reproach and as in all walks of life, sometimes simple mistakes do happen. Patients may be left unnecessarily injured, or die, as a result of substandard management.

Compensation may be recovered if negligence can be proved. It is important to always bear in mind that patients are in an intensive care ward because they are usually critically ill, and, because of the severity of the underlying problems; the outcome may have been the same irrespective of whether the care had been adequate or not. For this reason these cases may not be straightforward.


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Anaesthetics and intensive care claims

Complications from general anaesthesia are fortunately rare nowadays, but if and when they do occur, they can be catastrophic, resulting in brain damage or death. Anaesthetists and anaesthetic error are also often involved with the management of patients in intensive care units and with running outpatient pain clinics.


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