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Smartwatch app leads the way in seizure detection

Pebble (the smartwatch) has a new app called "Pebble Seizure Detect" which could prove invaluable for millions of people living with epilepsy.

Ryan was husband to Catherine who suffered with epilepsy.  He himself was an independent game developer based in the States and wanted to develop a program that could detect the wearer's motion. He did so and wrote a code spotting arrhythmic movements recorded and seen during tonic seizures. He did this by viewing various YouTube videos of people having seizures.

The watch works by detecting motion and if a person's motion goes above a certain level, the wearer has 15 seconds in which to turn off the alarm to say they are not having a seizure. Of course, no system is fail safe but the alarm, if it does pick up a seizure, can then automatically send a text to pre-determined numbers.

The app's panic button is therefore invaluable.

This kind of product could prove hugely beneficial to epilepsy suffers around the World.  For more information, contact

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