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Fieldfisher Neurolegal conference 2015 – Court in the Middle

Fieldfisher are proud to present the annual Neurolegal Conference for 2015, this year called Court in the Middle. This year the focus is on taking a look at the various Courts that can be involved and how they get involved when an individual suffer a serious brain injury, and what is the expectation from the Courts and similarly what can we expect from the Court process.

From a Welfare Deputy being appointed by the Court of Protection to the Official Solicitor actually taking control of the litigation on behalf of the injured person.

Talks include the impact of the Jackson reforms on the progress of litigation; a discussion on the role of the Court of Protection in dealing with financial, litigation, welfare and medical decisions on behalf of persons who lack capacity; what happens when families disagree with the clinical steps suggested by medical professionals; dealing with the aftermath of a brain injury – how it often leads to family and criminal courts and how issues are dealt with by these courts; the role of the Official Solicitor; the role of experts and their duty to the court. These talks are given by a mixture of top drawer medical and legal experts.

The aim of the day is to provide some clarity over the role of the judiciary in these cases. I do hope that you find the day a useful one and I would hope that it will give those attending the tools to understand what the real aims are and what is truly possible to ensure those so severely injured are afforded the protection they so badly need.

The conference is now fully booked and takes place at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London on Thursday 9 July.

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