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Dorset E-coli outbreak - update

The BBC has reported that the number of cases of people infected with E.coli 055 in Dorset has risen to 18. An outbreak of E.coli 055 has not been recorded in this country since the mid-1990s when E.coli data was first recorded. Public Health England are still trying to track down the source of the problem and advise that to prevent getting E.Coli that proper hand washing and hygiene is carried out. Blandford Childrens's Centre, a hotspot for the outbreak has been re-opened after deep cleaning but won't take back children who have a positive E.Coli test until they are clear.

Jill Greenfield, partner with Fieldfisher says: "It is now vital that Public Health England get to the bottom of this problem; particularly as it appears that the problem appears to be spreading faster at the moment. We urge people to be careful to wash their hands thoroughly before and after using the toilet, handling food, and after coming into contact with farm animals. It is particularly important that children are supervised to do this properly as well."

Read more at the Bournemouth Echo.

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