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Case Study

£3.8 million for Claimant involved in serious road traffic accident

Jill Greenfield acted for a young man who was a passenger in a vehicle.  The driver lost control of the vehicle and the Claimant suffered very severe head injuries that were life threatening. 
There followed many years of rehabilitation as a result of which the Claimant was able to live a fairly independent albeit he needed support from a case manager, carers and various therapists. 
At the time of the accident, the Claimant had a flourishing career ahead of him.  This was lost due to his injuries. 
The case was due to go to trial this year but recently settled for a lump sum of £2.1 million plus annual periodical payments of £60,000.  When capitalised the claim value is £3.8 million. 
There was a real dispute between the parties as to the extent of the injuries and the long term risks posed.  The Claimant's case was that he could well end up in a wheelchair.  The Defence disagreed. 
To ensure full protection for the Claimant a provisional damages award was agreed ensuring that the claim can be reopened should the Claimant suffer a serious deterioration in his condition or if he develops epilepsy such that he requires additional care and support.