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Jim was a pedestrian who was hit by a car. The car was being driven at high speed and without sufficient control. It left the road and one of its tyres became detached, either the car or the tyre hit Jim and he suffered a number of injuries including a head injury, facial fractures and very significant vascular damage to his leg such that he was lucky not to have lost his leg


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At the time of Jim the accident Jim was studying a Masters’ degree in mechanical engineering which, due to his considerable bravery, fortitude and determination, he has completed. He had an impressive history of experience working with a rally driving team and had secured a job with Formula 3.

The evidence was clear that Jim would have undoubtedly become a Formula 1 engineer working initially as a track-side engineer and climbing the ladder in Grand Prix motor racing. As a consequence of his injuries, pain and loss of mobility, he was unable to pursue his ambitions. The case involved careful analysis of Formula 1 career prospects and liaison with Formula 1 Teams.

The injury to his leg was complicated. There are risks that he will suffer significant complications in the future, risks that the Defendant's vascular expert downplayed. We were able, using our vascular expert, to secure a very comprehensive provisional damages award plus a large lump sum to reflect a significant loss of income claim. 


Key legal issue

We negotiated a settlement on a provisional basis, which means that the case can be re-opened should any vascular complications arise, including amputation of the leg, giving Jim peace of mind for the future.



The settlement will enable Jim to move to private appropriate accommodation, pay for care, the equipment he now needs and compensate him for the difference in earnings between a successful Formula 1 career and the residual job he can now perform.


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