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Robin James spent all his working life from 1959 to 1996 as a mechanical engineer for a large frozen food company.  In the early years he recalled effecting repairs to pipework in the factory involving stripping asbestos based insulation. 


James R - Photograph2

Photo : Robin pictured during his apprenticeship in the 1950s. 


He also worked alongside the resident lagger then who mixed up asbestos based powder in tubs to effect repairs. Robin was not warned this was dangerous nor provided with a mask. He was diagnosed with the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma this year and instructed Peter Williams to pursue his claim. Peter quickly notified the claim and came to terms with the company's insurers for a full value sum of £140,000. The case took less than six months to complete. 


Robin says:

"I was delighted that Peter took the time to travel several hours to meet me and my family in my home and put pen to paper with all the facts of my case. I thought that finding a big city lawyer to help me seek damages from the one employer I've had my whole working life, would be a terrifying thing to do and I almost didn't start the process. However, I'm very glad that I did because Peter was so down to earth and pleasant that in the end it just seemed like no more than a cup of tea and a chat. Peter kept us up to date with progress, brought in a barrister for some advice on a bit of detail and wrapped the whole thing up within six months. It's been a stressful time of course, but Peter was absolutely superb throughout."


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