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Dushal Mehta recovered damages for our client, Mr Gent, who is suffering from mesothelioma. 

Mr Gent worked as an electrical contractor at the University of Surrey in the 1970s. 
Together with two other electrical contractors, he formed a partnership. They tendered for work at the university. One project that the partnership secured involved working in the library.
Seventy-two year old Mr Gent was not provided with any protective clothing during this project. He remembers being covered in asbestos dust as he worked. He also moved asbestos ceiling tiles. They often broke, releasing dust.
Mr Gent, who is married with grown up children, was recently diagnosed with mesothelioma. He instructed Dushal Mehta to investigate a claim against the University of Surrey.
The university denied liability and said that the library did not contain asbestos. They also said that they were not legally responsible for Mr Gent as he was not their employee.
We obtained records from the university. They showed that the library building contained asbestos.
The university supervised Mr Gent's work. We argued that this equated to an employer-employee relationship.
Two days before trial, the university made a settlement offer that Mr Gent was happy to accept.
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