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Simon v. W B Realisations Limited

Peter Williams acted for Simon who contracted Mesothelioma.  He worked for a company called Wild Barfield Limited between or around 1969-1978 and he remembered that in 1972 the company was taken over by Senior Engineering (Thermal) Limited who employed him from then on.  He worked at their factory in Otterspool Way in Watford, Hertfordshire.  The company manufactured electric gas high frequency furnaces for heat treatment metal.  The furnaces were used to harden and soften metal and he was a “muffler” assembler.  He had to cut soft asbestos sheets and hard asbestos sheets called Sindanyo with a “tinciloa” saw, which was a hand-held saw.  He then placed the soft asbestos sheet in the furnaces to line them and then drilled the hard asbestos sheets over the top.  He had no warnings about the dangers of asbestos or any masks or protective equipment.

The company Wild Barfield Limited was no longer in existence and we therefore needed to know the identity of the Employers’ Liability Insurers who were on risk at the time of Simon’s employment, as there was no paymaster.  Often this is a difficult and time-consuming process which is not always successful.

Michael Osborne had previously made a successful claim against a similar company known as Wild Barfield Electric Furnaces Limited some years ago.  This was recorded on our databases.  In this case, Mr Williams was able to look at past correspondence from the previous case where Norwich Union accepted that they were the Employers’ Liability Insurers.  The case was settled for full value within five months of being instructed.  We have a computerised database of more than 1,700 companies and their insurers – almost anyone we have ever identified or sued – which often enables us to find the right company and insurer within minutes of being instructed.

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