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Ron Bell, a retired widower with three grown up children, was diagnosed with mesothelioma in March 2010.

He had been exposed to asbestos whilst he was working as a mechanical engineer and a draughtsman at Chatham and Portsmouth Dock Yards.

Ron came in contact with a lot of asbestos dust during the course of his work and was not provided with any safety mask to wear nor was he advised of the dangers.

Previously a very active and fit man, Ron's health deteriorated after he developed mesothelioma. He could no longer travel abroad or visit his friends in Wales, which he had enjoyed doing in the past.

Now he became out of breath very easily, suffered pains in his chest and lost weight rapidly. He also found it difficult to drive and could no longer clean the house or do the garden. He began to rely on his son and daughter-in-law who took care of the house and garden and cooked his meals everyday.

Ron instructed Dushal Mehta to pursue a claim in May 2010.

Dushal secured an interim payment for Mr Bell within 2 months. Sadly, Ron died in August 2010 before the full claim could be completed. Ron's family continued the claim on behalf of Ron's estate.

Dushal Mehta settled the claim in October 2010 at no cost to the family. After the case, Ian Bell, Ron's son, said:

"Dushal kept us informed at every stage of the claim. He was kind and empathetic towards Ron and we feel we received a first class service. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Field Fisher Waterhouse to others."

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