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Mark Bowman recovered £40,000 for our client who suffered irreversible damage to his penis because of negligent advice given by NHS Direct.

Michael sustained an injury to his penis during sex with his girlfriend. Later it was bruised, swollen and bleeding. He was also in severe pain. He called NHS Direct.

A NHS Direct nurse advised over the phone that Michael should visit his GP the following day if his condition did not improve.

The next day, Michael attended his GP, who prescribed antibiotics. On review six days later, his GP noted that Michael’s condition had not improved. Michael returned home, but later that day his GP phoned and advised him to go to hospital immediately.  

Michael was seen by the urology team at Guy’s Hospital, who advised that he had a fractured penis. By this time it was too late to perform corrective surgery.

Our nursing advisor said that NHS Direct should have referred Michael to hospital immediately.

Our urology expert advised that surgery should have been performed within twelve hours of the injury.

If Michael had been advised to attend the hospital immediately, corrective surgery would have limited the amount of scar tissue and ensured good function.

Michael can no longer have penetrative sexual intercourse. He is unable to get a full erection without the use of drugs or a penile pump, and has suffered psychologically.

We issued proceedings against NHS Direct, which made an offer of £40,000. Michael was happy to accept this offer. The claim was funded by legal aid.


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