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We settled a delayed diagnosis claim for Wendy's family. We secured £155,000 for Wendy's family after a 3 year delay in diagnosing colon cancer resulted in her death.

Wendy visited her GP complaining of increased bowel activity and loose stools. She said this had been going on for three months.  

Her GP prescribed an antispasmodic (a drug used to suppress muscle contractions) and the GP reviewed her again six weeks later. He did not examine her, but noted that her condition had improved and continued to provide repeat prescriptions for the antispasmodic.

Wendy saw her GP again some 16 months later and informed him that there had been no improvement.

Her GP did not take any further action. She should have been referred for further investigation and a diagnosis of colorectal carcinoma should have been made. If appropriate treatment had been instituted at this time, she would probably have had a five-year cancer-free survival.

Eventually, nearly three years after she first consulted her GP she was referred to a gastroenterologist and a diagnosis of colorectal carcinoma was made.

Wendy underwent extensive surgery, but a few years later she was discovered to have metastatic carcinoma. The cancer had spread to other parts of her body and Wendy died from her illness.

We pursued a delayed diagnosis claim for Wendy's family. We agreed to settle the case for £155,000, plus costs. The case was taken on a no win, no fee basis and Wendy's family received all of the compensation.


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