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We recently helped our client, Shannon to secure a settlement of £350,000 following negligent medical treatment after the birth of her first child.

The injury itself was not caused by negligence but the failure to recognise, investigate and treat was key.

Shannon suffered a third degree anal tear during labour. The anal tear meant substandard care by the Obstetrician at the hospital.

Shannon was left incontinent of faeces and wind for over 3 years before her condition was finally diagnosed and repair surgery was carried out.

Our expert evidence confirmed that with early recognition the tear would have been easily repaired. Instead Shannon suffered pain and embarrassment and found it extremely difficult to pursue her career as a make up artist.

Settlement was reached 2 months before trial and the money will attempt to compensate Shannon for the pain and suffering she endured, her loss of income both past and future and the care that she needed, both for herself and for her young son.

The award also gave Shannon the opportunity to undergo a private caesarean section for the birth of her second child.


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