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Mr Linsdell served in the Royal Navy for 8 and a half years during which time he was required to maintain and repair the ship's engines. As part of his day-to-day routine he applied asbestos covering to the engines which he would usually mix himself. Even though Mr Linsdell's face and clothes were often being covered in the highly dangerous mineral he was provided with no safety equipment.


Royal Navy


In 2009 Mr Linsdell was diagnosed as suffering from mesothelioma. He immediately contacted Andrew Morgan for advice.

Veterans who suffer exposure to asbestos whilst in the Royal Navy and develop an asbestos related condition as a result, cannot claim compensation but are entitled to a War Pension. This is the effect of "Crown Immunity."

But, working with an American Attorney, Andrew made claims to various Asbestos Trusts in the United States. These trusts have been set up to provide compensation for individuals who have contracted mesothelioma following exposure to asbestos products that were manufactured in the USA. These trusts make modest payments of compensation to UK citizens in some cases. 

Because Mr Linsdell served in Royal Navy vessels which had been serviced and repaired in the USA,  Andrew was able to make a number of claims to various different trusts and obtained payments for Mr Linsdell totalling approximately $67,000.00 (approx £41,613.70).


Mr Linsdell stated:

"I should like to express my thanks to Andrew Morgan of Field Fisher Waterhouse in London, and also to Bobbie Butterfield in America for actively pursuing compensation payments on my behalf. Everything they have done has been stress free, fast and efficient and with genuine care." 


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