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Richmond Council to consider cyclist-friendly crossings at accident hotspot

Transport for London are to hold discussions with Richmond Council about the design of a junction in East Twickenham which could pave the way for further cyclist-friendly junctions. The "simultaneous green" crossing is designed so that it detects cyclists as they arrive at the junction and gives them priority over other road users by automatically granting them a green light as they approach. These junctions are already in use in other European cities, including Groningen in the Netherlands. TfL are to hold a feasibility study with Richmond council before the proposal goes to a full public consultation.

Jennifer Buchanan, solicitor with Fieldfisher, says "It is excellent news that we are adopting some of the ideas coming out of the Netherlands, the country that has the best safety record in regard to collisions involving cyclists and motorists. If we can get more segregated cycle lanes, better designed junctions, and more features giving prominence to cyclists as road users then we will see an increase in numbers of users and most likely a decrease in accidents. We urge people to get behind proposals such as this to make London a safer city".

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