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PI Damage Statistics


Butterworths Personal Injury Damages Statistics 2003


The book contains all the statistics that personal injury lawyers need for financial loss calculations. Amongst much else, it included income tax and national insurance contribution rates for the last ten years, Retail Price and Average Earnings figures, the latest version of Rodney Nelson-Jones' renowned interest ready reckoner, the whole of the fourth edition of the Ogden Tables and several years' figures culled from the New Earnings Surveys.    Butterworths Personal Injury Damages Statistics 2003

The collection of all these statistics in a single easy to use volume makes this book indispensable for all personal injury practitioners.

Author:   Rodney Nelson-Jones
Published:   2003 
Publisher:    Lexis Nexis Butterworths
ISBN:   0 406 970 319

Table of Contents:

Ch. 1:   Special damages statistics
Ch. 2:   Calendars
Ch. 3:   Income Tax
Ch. 4:   National Insurance contributions
Ch. 5:   Motoring benefits & costs
Ch. 6:   Gross to net income conversion
Ch. 7:   General Damages
Ch. 8:   Prices and earnings
Ch. 9:   Social Security benefits
Ch. 10:   Interest
Ch. 11:   Multipliers
Ch. 12:   Other Actuarial Tables
Ch. 13:   Life expectation
Ch. 14:   New earnings survey
Ch. 15:   Nursing charge rates
Ch. 16:   Court of protection charges
Ch. 17:   Foster care allowances
Ch. 18:   Prescription costs
Ch. 19:   Conversion tables

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